Betterbrand Reviews

Aiming to achieve a better living through science, Betterbrand, Inc. emerged in the industry in 2019. As the founder, Chris Jackson established this health company with headquarters in San Antonio, Texas.

Betterbrand Reviews
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This company breakthrough the industry with data-backed products made of natural ingredients. Every product is developed and tested by medical doctors to ensure quality.

Not long after the establishment, thanks to its natural and healthy alternative, this brand quickly spread its wings. The quality of organic health products led them to be featured in Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, USA Today, and more.

This brand is also pretty hyped on social media, with 386K  followers on Facebook and 61.7K on Instagram. Put aside its popularity.

Are you sure about its worthiness? So, as intelligent buyers, our Betterbrand review will guide you to dig deeper into this brand!

Why Betterbrand Health?

So, basically, what things that make Betterbrand so unique? Its main selling point is the natural formulation based on careful research. Also, the premium products have scientific backing and have been proven with research studies.

The natural formulations are highly absorbable and can quickly affect your body. No fillers, additives, or junk.

Furthermore, all product features suitable and quality herbs that target specific issues. It can maintain your lung health or even sharpen your mind.

With all that quality, it is no wonder this brand is GMP-certified. Meanwhile, the pricing and customer are also impressive, with a return policy covering unopened items.

What's On Betterbrand?

Betterbrand focuses on manufacturing natural pharmacist-formulated products with a multi-stage formulation process. All ingredients are chosen based on the research studies and validated with the latest scientific research.

After knowing the right ingredients, it sources them from the safest and most reputable suppliers with strict standard quality. Then, it iterate the various formulation to determine the correct dosage combination and test it again in a third-party lab.

Now, you can find supplements, teas, and gummies made of the most natural ingredients. Here’s some of the organic products collection listed on its official website:

  • Products: BetterMushrooms, BetterLungs Tea, BetterHair Serum, BetterBeard, BetterLungs Gummies, etc
  • Kits: Lung Detox, Immunity, Party, Wellness, BetterHair Ultimate, BetterBeard Ultimate, and BetterBrand Kit

Interest to know more about its products? Let’s break down some of its products in the following Betterbrand review section. Find out the true quality behind it!

Betterbrand Better Lungs Reviews


The first product we uncover is the best-selling supplement, Betterbrand BetterLungs Capsules. Like its name, it’s formulated to support and clean lung health for better breathing.

Betterbrand Better Lungs Reviews
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In addition, it’s made of various natural ingredients like L-Cystine, Mullein Leaf, Pine Bark, Elderberry, Reishi, Ginseng, Vitamin D, and more. This combination can support respiratory health by clearing mucus, decreasing cough, and enhancing the airways.

Ginseng also can preserve stamina and decrease muscle pains and cramps. Not only that, this formulation has been tested and proven to promote the body’s immune system.

A jar of this better lungs supplement contains 60 capsules with 2 capsules daily. It’s pretty easy to swallow and tasteless. So, achieve the best performance of your lungs, better stamina, and enhanced immunity at $49.95. Psst, it’s only $39.95 now!

Betterbrand Lung Detox Tea Reviews

BetterLungs Tea

If you find it hard to consume capsules for lung health, then detox tea can be the best option. The Betterbrand BetterLungs Tea is a herbal tea that’s palatable and great for those who enjoy tea time every morning.

Betterbrand Lung Detox Tea Reviews
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Like the capsule, this tea supports respiratory health and enhances the immune system. Containing the unique herbs tea like thyme and mullein leaf makes it great for soothing coughs and other respiratory issues.

Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich formula will help you decrease the oxidative stress in your body. Overall, it’s a better alternative if you like to sip a warm tea with detox benefits and lung health.

A Better Lungs tea box will contain 15 bad, tasty herbal teas. You can brew 1 bag after breakfast daily. So, happy sipping warm herbal tea every morning at $24.95 after being discounted from $29.95!

Betterbrand Better Mushroom Gummies Reviews

BetterMushrooms Gummies

Looking for edibles to boost your overall health? Then consider this Betterbrand BetterMushrooms Gummies for superior health. Formulated from 12 functional mushrooms, it promotes gut and metabolism health.

Betterbrand Better Mushroom Gummies Reviews
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It also contains proven ingredients for enhancing the healthy immune response. It’s due to the formulation from anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory functions. Furthermore, the reishi contained in it can fight the sleep issues and support the unrest symptoms.

We like how it uses the lion’s mane formulation, which is well-known for improving cognitive function, memory, and focus. The taste also has no issues. It’s highly easy to consume with no nasty taste.

The sweet raspberry flavor and smell are addictive, like chewing a normal gummy. Furthermore, each jar contains 60 gummies, with 2 gummies consumed daily. So, take a bite of this chewy and yummy gummy at $49.95. But it only cost $39.95 at the current sale!

Betterbrand Better Morning Reviews


Tired of consuming hangover drinks after a night out? The Betterbrand Hangover BetterMorning Pills will offer you a healthier and better alternative. Formulated from herbal ingredients, it can eliminate your hangover with better detoxification.

Betterbrand Better Morning Reviews
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These hangover capsules also combine several ingredients to alleviate fatigue, headache, dizziness, thirst, and nausea. So your recovery period will be more comfortable. Thanks to the ginger and other ingredients.

Additionally, it possesses Dihydromyricetin (DHM) for fighting hangxiety and Sunday Scaries benefits. Thanks to the Licorice root for better liver enzyme production, it can also soothe digestion and stomach acids. What a great liver detoxification.

The BetterMorning Go capsules box is designed for 10 servings. So, get rid of your hangover easier and healthier with on-the-go hangover capsules at $39.95!

Betterbrand Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

Betterbrand product pricing is relatively reasonable at $19.95 to $49.95. The cheapest product is BetterHair Serum. Meanwhile, for the kits bundle, you can find the various packages in the range of $50.95 to $149.95.

Are you a budget-conscious customer? If so, no matter how cheap the price is, you may want to find the best way to reduce the cost. So, check several tricks below to get the lowest price.

  • Save up to 15% OFF and get a gift on a monthly subscription purchase
  • Purchase more than one item on the bundle to get a more significant discount
  • Join the SMS subscription for 25% OFF discount code and future perks notifications

Betterbrand Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Many people already tried and harnessed its supplement to improve their condition. What exactly is their experience? But before breaking down the customer’s opinion, look at the best-selling items’ rating data below.

Betterbrand Customer Reviews
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  • BetterLungs obtained a 4.6/5 rating from 905 reviews
  • BetterMorning received  a 4.9/5 rating from 39 testimonials
  • BetterMushrooms got a 4.9/5 rating based on 35 testimonials

From the vast number of customer testimonials, this brand managed to get almost perfect ratings. It shows how high the satisfaction level of the consumers is. Here’s one worth considering testi in the Lung Detox reviews:

Many thanks to these improved Lung Capsules, I no longer have to take sinus medication. This has helped me get all the mucus out of my lungs and helped with the fluid in my ears. I will order again.

Although the company has dominating positive reviews, we especially choose one customer nitpicks. Below is a complaint from one of Better Mushroom reviews:

It is a good product. The only downside is the expensive pricing. Overall, it’s worth a try!

The customer feedback stated a good result after a particular usage time. They saw a significant improvement in their condition due to the quality formulation. On the other hand, the only complaints are about the high pricing and taste.

Is Betterbrand Worth It?

With overwhelmingly positive customer reviews, we think there’s no harm in trying Betterbrand. The products have been tested in third-party labs with formulations based on scientific results.

Is Betterbrand Worth It?
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In addition, all the ingredients are chosen from the safest and the highest quality. Most customers have also stated that the product has excellent performance. Leading it to show a good effect on the consumer body.

The pricing can be slightly high for some, but it can get lower with discounts. Regardless, the price is genuinely worth the value of the quality formulation and effect. Overall, it’s worth trying to make a better improvement on your body with naturally formulated products.

Betterbrand Pros And Cons

As your guide to determine your decision, check the pros and cons below:


  • Scientifically backed
  • Third-party lab-tested
  • GMP Certified
  • Gluten- and vegan-friendly
  • Quality natural ingredients
  • Effective formulations
  • Many perks currently available
  • Free shipping
  • Dominating positive customer feedback


  • Return policy for only unopened products
  • The price can be slightly expensive for some.

Betterbrand Customer Service

How To Contact

In case you have any questions or concerns, its customer service will be happy to hear from you. So, contact them freely using the contact information below:

Company Address

PO Box 12363,
San Antonio, TX 78212

Where To Buy Betterbrand

Explore its collection by visiting its official store at to harness its supplement for your wellness. Its supplements are also purchasable at Walmart and Amazon. Aside from that, its wellness products are also available to several nearest stockists across the US on the store locator page.


Frequently Asked Questions

While looking for a Betterbrand review, you may have several questions arise. So check several inquiries below that people also asked.

Who owns Betterbrand?

This company is owned by Chris Jackson.

Does Betterbrand Better Morning work?

Yes, it does. It’s very helpful to get rid of a hangover after drinking the following day.


Natural products are always the best option to maintain our health. It’s much healthier and safer to consume daily. This is the reason why our Betterbrand review highly recommends this brand.

This brand has a great collection of scientifically backed natural products. It has a robust formulation with effective performance to help you from lung issues to the immune system. So, enjoy a better quality of life through science with Betterbrand Health!

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