Kailo Reviews

Having been helping millions of people with pain management, Kailo became one of the industry’s leading brands. Stuart Fetzer founded this brand with the mission to help as many peoples as possible to live without pain.

Kailo Reviews
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Its establishment in offering pain-relieving patches in 2019 was started in Sandy, United States. The product will provide a novel treatment for the severity and interference of pain. Furthermore, the company also focuses on the international market for its broad reach.

This brand quickly took over the industry by offering its effective patch to relieve pain. Now we can see this brand all over the media. For instance, it has been featured in Radar, LA Weekly, People, NBC, KTLA 5, Eonline, etc. Meanwhile, it has over 22K followers on Facebook and 13K on Instagram.

But its pain patch works? Our Kailo review will uncover the quality lie behind its big name. Thus, keep your eyes on our article to learn more about the testimonials and current savings!

Why Kailo Pain Relief Patches?

A pain patch is a favorite choice for those who want to relieve pain without consuming drugs. So, avoiding taking pills is an excellent alternative if you don’t know about their safety. So it would be the main reason to try Kailo.

Its pain patch and products are backed by modern science and have been tested in IRB-approved studies. It proved that it can result in a measurable reduction in pain with no side effects. Moreover, it can increase life and patient quality.

In this phenomenal clinical trial result, 97% of patients were delighted. The free shipping and 90 days return policy will guarantee customer satisfaction. Simply give it back to the company if you see no effect!

What's On Kailo

Simply said, Kailo’s primary focus is offering the pain patch. It carries a compelling performance with clinically tested to guarantee safety and effectiveness. In addition, the pain-relieving patch is worked for adults who suffer from arthritic, neuropathic, and other musculoskeletal pains.

Currently, this brand successfully created two main products, which are Kailo and Flex Patch. Available in single and pack purchases with various accessories.

Kailo Collections

  • Kailo: The Kailo Kit, Buddy Pack, Family Pack, Adhesive, KT Tape, Soft Carry Case, etc
  • Flex: The Flex Pain Patch, Buddy Pack, Trio Pack, Family Pack, Adhesive, etc

The focused product collection allows it to dig deeper into the actual quality of the pain patch. Absolutely, each product has different tailored benefits. So let’s scour more about the products and see how it works for you!

Kailo Pain Patch Reviews

The Kailo Kit

The Kailo Pain Patch is the heart of this brand that brings them to the world. Using the tiny capacitors’ patented array is purposed to act as the bio antenna. Then it’ll interact with the body’s electrical system to turn down the pain volume.

Kailo Pain Patch Reviews
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This patch also has great benefits, such as helping to recover faster, regain the natural motion range, and enhance flexibility. Each pain patch pack comes with reusable Kailos, a soft carry case, and adhesives.

The acrylic adhesives are designed to stick the item to your skin in the pain spot. Moreover, the skin-friendly adhesive is super comfortable and won’t cause pulled hair when removed. This adhesive also can be removed and reapplied to the skin multiple times.

If the adhesive loses the stickiness, gently wash it with soap and water to regain it. But if it doesn’t work, it means it’s time to change the adhesive my peel it off.

Also, we like how it comes with a carry case. So, you can use the soft carry you can carry your Kailos and adhesives for easy storage in your purse. Thus, put aside your drug and relief your pain conveniently at $119!

9.0 9/10
7.0 7/10
8.0 8/10

Kailo Flex Reviews

The Flex Pain Patch

Basically, the Flex patch is similar to the Kailo pain patch that uses organized capacitors sheets. So it’ll use the antenna to work with electricity that travels through your body’s nervous system.

Kailo Flex Reviews
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Leveraging your body’s existing electrical potential, it needs no other power source or charging. But what makes it different than Kailo patch? This product was born from the customer who demands softer, more flexible, and cheaper than the Kailos.

That being said, this company manufactured the Flex using a paper-like material. It’s very flexible but provides enough tear resistance. This construction allows it to conform to your body and easily stay in place.

At first, it doesn’t soft, but it’ll before softer over time. The seamless with no rigid edges will make you forget it even there. Not to mention how it puts away your pain.

However, unlike the Kailo, which lasts for a year, The Flex will only last for months. In a pack, it will include the reusable Flex and 3 adhesives. Overall, it will be a great budget-friendly option to put your pain away at $49!

8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

Kailo Patch Cost

How Much Does Kailo Cost?

This brand offers reasonably priced products with 2 different products that can be purchased based on the budget. First, the Kailos cost around $119 to $595 from one kit to a family kit. Meanwhile, the budget-friendly opinion of flex cost ranges from $49 to $245.

Kailo Patch Cost

It also has several accessories collections like adhesive and carrying cases in the range of $11.99 to $24.99. But if you plan to save as much as possible, it offers great deals. So below is the compilation to help you save the bucks.

  • Give $10 off and get $10 off by referring friends
  • Free shipping in most orders within the US
  • Find up to 54% off on the holiday sales page
  • Join the club to earn points and exclusive rewards
  • Get unbelievable savings by purchasing on bundle collection
  • Subscribe email list to get a 20% off discount code, and future offers notifications

Kailo Pain Patch Side Effects

Kailo Patch Complaints

What are the side effects of the Kailo patch? The Kailo is not a consumable medication, so it has no side effects. All the customers also don’t face any side effects.

Kailo Pain Patch Side Effects
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However, the adhesive has a tiny chance of causing rash or irritation if you have sensitive skin. Regardless, the adhesive is designed with skin-friendly and allergy-free material.

In addition, the customer also never complained about any side effects. Instead, it only has small matters like nonsticky adhesives or rigid paths. All in all, there’s no harm in trying this brand due to the thorough clinical test.

Kailo Patch Reviews Consumer Reports

What Do Customers Think?

With millions of purchases and thousands of reviews, many customers must report their experience. Meaning it can be pretty easy to see the customer complaint and praise after using the products.

Kailo Patch Reviews Consumer Reports
Image credit: facebook.com/getkailo
facebook.com/getkailo https://facebook.com/getkailo

In fact, this brand is very well-known worldwide. For instance, it’s featured in Outlook India, The Times of Israel, News Direct, Honest Brand Review, and many more. Meanwhile, the official website has gathered 4,174 reviews with a 4.1/5 star rating. Now let’s break down the Kailo reviews from customer reports:

I was practicing for a 500-mile walk, and my hip was hurting. I placed Kailo patches in two places, and my pain disappeared! I put a small piece near my ear, and it also helped reduce my tinnitus.

Another customer also has a positive experience with the item. Here is what the customer said:

I’ve had chronic sciatic pain for 20 years. Specific stretches and exercises help some people, but Kailo has given me the best pain relief by far! When I put it on, my pain goes away by about 80%!

Despite the majority of glowing testimonials, we choose one nitpick to know their concern. Here it’s:

I found that it does not stick well, especially in hot weather (moist skin). Also, forget to wear it in the shower. I sleep better than previous nights…

The pain relief patch seems to work effectively to relieve the pain. However, the only problem is some customers only complain about the adhesives. They report how it’s not as sticky as others. Regardless, it’s only a tiny matter since you can still replace it with other medical-grade adhesives.

Is Kailo Worth It?

Being a remarkable brand in the industry makes Kailo worth investing in. It has many good things that can be considered, like research-based technology. Moreover, it has already been tested with many people stating about visible relief.

In addition, it has two options with higher prices that last longer. In contrast, budget-friendly offers the flexibility to place it in any hard-to-put area in your body. Seeing how it works effectively with last long build and affordable pricing, it’s one of the best options!

Kailo Patch Pros And Cons

This section will summarize the negative and positive points of the brands. So consider the pros and cons below before making a decision:


  • Need no power
  • Using the natural electric signals 
  • Sains backed and clinically proven
  • Work effectively to reduce the pain
  • Reuseable and skin-friendly adhesives
  • A good option for the budget-friendly item
  • Has good flexibility to place in any body’s shape
  • Long-lasting performance and reusable
  • Free shipping
  • 90 days return policy
  • Thousands of positive feedback


  • The Kailo is too rigid for a certain part, but The Flex makes up for it.
  • The customer stated that the adhesive lack of stickiness.

Kailo Customer Service

How To Contact Kailo

Have any questions or complaints? Contact the customer service team that is available in:

Headquarters Address

8188 S Highland Dr.
Suite D1, Sandy, UT
84093 USA

Kailo Pain Patch Where To Buy

Interest in relieving your pain? You can purchase its pain patch on gokailo.com. Besides, the Kailo patch is also available for purchase on online shopping platforms like Amazon and others.


Frequently Asked Questions

When searching for Kailo, most customers also question several inquiries. Below are some of those questions.

Is the Kailo patch legit?

All Kailo products are legit since it has passed clinical trials, with most stating genuine products. In addition, it is also result-driven and backed with scientific evidence. Most customers also leave many positive reviews about the patches with small numbers of complaints.

Do Kailo pads work?

The research shows 95% of customers stated positive experiences with the products. Moreover, they report how it’s the quickest pain relief patch that works for them.

Is Kailo the same as tens?

Kailo does have a similarity to Tens which uses a battery to provide low-voltage electricity to the body. However, Kailo uses existing natural electric signals instead of the battery.

How does Kailo work?

The pain relief patch works by using patented nanotechnology to interact with the body’s electrical system. It’ll create a dynamic electromagnetic field to relieve the pain and enhance overall well-being. Simply put, the skin patches will communicate with the brain to ease the pain.

What is the Kailo FDA approval?

The pain patches are FDA registered and still in the process of being approved.


Reliving pain has been pretty hard due to the many options out there. Not to mention the unknown formulation that it use may be can harm you. Our Kailo review is glad to know this brand as an alternative. The good point is we don’t have to consume any pills.

The clinically tested and proven pain patches also give you peace of mind. Factually, nearly all customers discover relief when using pain patches. So you don’t have to endure all the pain with Kailo!

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