Remedial Pax Reviews

Remedial Pax is a new skincare company founded in 2021 during the COVID-19 outbreak. This company comes to the beauty industry with well-formulated products using natural ingredients.

Remedial Pax Reviews
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All products are manufactured in the US under the company of BrenMik LLC. Quickly, this company spread its products through online shopping, making the customer easily obtain its products.

With organic products, this brand grabs the attention of media publications. For instance, it has been featured in Vogue, CNN, BAZAAR, Vanity Fair, GQ, Glamour, and Cosmopolitan. Now, this company is also active on TikTok and Instagram, with 7.1K followers.

Ready to try a new skincare products for a healthy and happy skin? Before that, let’s see whether you can trust this brand in our Remedial Pax review. Keep scouring to know more, from the customer testimonials to the current deals!

Why Remedial Pax Skincare?

Remedial Pax is created to help people to enhance natural beauty. Leveraging the natural ingredients will help you to replenish your natural, healthy skin. Furthermore, this brand only uses high-quality ingredients with science-backed formulation.

Additionally, all skin care products are not tested on animals and are exclusively made in the US. Regarding customer service, you’ll be satisfied with free shipping and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What's On Remedial Pax Company

For flawless, healthy skin, most people prefer organic products that are much safer. Remedial Pax is a skincare company focusing on natural formulated products. It has several skin care product collections, from hemp to anti-aging neck cream.

It specializes in designing formulas based on skin safety and high-quality principles. So, the brand will only formulate the products using skin-friendly ingredients. Most are gentle yet effective on the skin.

Remedial Pax Products

Moisturizer Exfoliant Eye Care
Scar Removal Neck Firming Bundles

However, are its skin care as good as the company claim? Well, indeed, you need to be extra careful about what you apply to your skin. Thus, we’ll do more profound research on best-selling products in the following Remedial Pax review section!

Remedial Pax Retinol Reviews

Retinol Cream for Face

Well, retinol is a remarkable compound with effective benefits for our skin indeed. The Remedial Pax Retinol Cream for Face is a day and night moisturizer that brings the complex goodness of retinol.

Remedial Pax Retinol Reviews
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It’s carefully formulated to help nourish and bring a fresh look to the skin. Aside from that, retinol can also fight against acne, acne marks, and wrinkles for spotless skin. Combined with other ingredients, it’ll narrow and cleanse the pores.

The lotion can normalize cell turnover and lock the moisture for a youthful appearance. Surprisingly, the contained collagen cream is gentle on the skin with a non-greasy texture. Even great for sensitive skin.

This cream is a masterpiece of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and retinol combination. Even better, the non-comedogenic moisturizer contains no alcohol, gluten, GMO, or paraben. So, start your morning and night routine with this ultimate retinol and collagen lotion for only $19.99 at the current sale!

Remedial Pax Eye Cream Reviews

Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness

Having a puffy and dark circle under your eye can ruin your look. Don’t let it get in the way by leveraging the right care of Remedial Pax Day And Night Eye Cream. This eye cream is intended for women and men to banish your all-nighter look.

Remedial Pax Eye Cream Reviews
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Using a cutting-edge formulation, this cream smooths the skin under the eyes and reduces puffiness, crow’s feet, and fine lines. Skin dryness won’t be your issue, as it comes with collagen and dimethicone for deep and prolonged hydration.

With a regular application, this eye cream will deliver a long-lasting effect of robust rejuvenation and cell renewal boosting. Furthermore, the brand only uses naturally sourced gluten, SLS, and paraben-free compounds. Ensure skin-friendly usage for every skin type.

Comes in an upgraded jar, and the anti-pollution dispenser provides an easy and accurate dosing. So, bring back your youth looking and healthier under the eye at only $19.99. Check now before changing to the regular price of $49.99!

Remedial Pax Collagen Cream Reviews

Collagen Cream for Face

Struggling with the aging sign? It’s time to fight the aging sign using this Remedial Pax Collagen Cream for Face. With collagen as the main formation, this moisturizer is engineered to combine the effects of age.

Remedial Pax Collagen Cream Reviews
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In addition, it uses the super combination of collagen, hyaluronic acid, and retinol to erase wrinkles and fine lines. The contained retinol will stimulate dermal rejuvenation by promoting cell growth.

Say bye to the questionable ingredients since it uses only advanced clinical collagen cream ingredients. It uses no sulfate and is completely cruelty-free. Furthermore, the collagen moisturizer has undergone stringent quality inspection with the highest standard. Ensure safety and stability.

You can use this cream on the face and neck for deep penetrating hydration and replenishing skin. At only $17.99, restore your radiant, youthful, glowing skin with the full benefit of this collagen cream!

Remedial Pax Dark Spot Corrector Reviews

Dark Spot Corrector

Dark spots can be highly unsightly on your face and body. The Remedial Pax Dark Spot Corrector is formulated to regain your radiant skin. Aside from removing the dark spots, it can counteract the aging signs in your body and face.

Remedial Pax Dark Spot Corrector Reviews
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By harnessing natural brightening, this skin-lightening cream can safely fade age spots for an even complexion. This cream is like an active blend of moisturizer serum and peeling lotion. Thanks to the mandelic acid for exfoliation.

Like other in its organic collection, the dark spot remover cream use only all-natural ingredients. Encompass the water-soluble hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and vitamin D. This robust formulation delivers a potent skin bleaching benefit with a potent moisturizing effect.

To ensure the safest formulation, it’s also paraben-free and contains no gluten, PEGs, or SLS. Suitable for any skin type. Thus, it is the dark spot in your body and face while deeply nourishing it at $19.99!

Remedial Pax Scar Cream Reviews

Scar Removal Cream

Well, most of us want our skin spotless. However, we often accidentally hurt our bodies. Consequently, it leaves hard-to-fade scars. If so, you can try this Remedial Pax Scar Removal Cream.

Remedial Pax Scar Cream Reviews
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Designed with a multi-action formula, it can simultaneously target the scar’s appearance. Furthermore, this scar remover will smooth the injury areas and replenish the skin with nutrients for brighter, shining skin.

The active ingredients and essential vitamins will deliver flawless scar removal from c-sections, burns, acne, cuts, and surgery. Plus, the lightweight texture ensures the facts absorber—no greasy residue and irritation. Also, we like how it has no lingering fragrance.

It contains collagen for moisturizing and soothing, alanine for cell replacement, panthenol for healing, and natural acids for improving tissue. What an ultimate scar cream. So, say bye to scars for radiance and healthier, softer, firmer skin at $17.99!

Remedial Pax Price

How Much Does It Cost?

One selling point of this skincare brand is the affordable pricing. So, for single items, the price ranges from $16.99 to $49.99, and bundle collection costs from $31.59 to $209.93. The cheapest item is Glycolic Acid Pads, and Whole Line REMEDIAL PAX is the highest.

Surprisingly, this brand has discounts on most items. Hence, the product can cost far lower than the cost stated above. Good news! We’ve hunted down all the perks on its website. So check it out:

  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • 15% OFF on monthly subscription
  • 10% OFF by purchasing Bundles
  • Find up to 60% OFF on the Sale page
  • Join the email list for 20% discount codes and other perks.

Remedial Pax Before And After

Remedial Pax has sold millions of products with massive usage from customers. After trying the product, many customer express their opinion in testimonials or before and after on social media. Nearly all the user state is seeing the result after regular applications.

Remedial Pax Before And After
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For instance, they state how it can lighten up the dark areas in the neck and face after using the dark spot remover. Its eye cream also has a smooth effect and a tremendous anti-aging impact by diminishing the wrinkles under the eyes. Overall, most customer has positive results.

Remedial Pax Customer Review

What Do Customers Think?

Surprisingly, Remedial Pax is a brand that already has many customer reviews. This brand has become one of the best-selling brands on Amazon, with thousands of purchases and reviews. Now let’s check the rating and review data of best-selling products on the website:

We are genuinely impressed with its almost perfect rating with hundreds of reviews. The high rating indicates how it successfully maintains customer satisfaction. Next, let’s see the customers’ opinions in one of the Remedial Pax Neck Cream reviews below:

…I was thrilled to see the difference after using this product. This absorbed quickly, and my face felt very soft (I have dehydrated skin). But the lines also disappeared, leaving only the deepest lines. I’m very impressed, and I use it day and night to keep my dry skin soft and looking much younger…

Put aside the overwhelming testimonials, we should consider the customer complaint. So below is here’s the one of Remedial Pax review:

…I discovered that it made a difference to the appearance of my skin. It helped with the puffiness and lines. Thus, I reordered it and put it back into my routine. I love it because it’s not a heavy face cream, and a little goes a long way. But, the price has increased by about 5 dollars since my first purchase…

Similar to both customer feedbacks above, customers mainly state about good performance and texture. They could even see results after regular usage. Aside from that, we hardly find negative reviews, only about the increasing price.

Is Remedial Pax Worth It?

Checking the customers’ reviews has vividly indicated that Remedial Pax is worth it. This brand successfully maintains customer satisfaction with a safe and stable formulation. It has a potent effect on improved skin quality.

Is Remedial Pax Worth It?
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Mainly, this brand is highly expert on anti-aging benefits. Not to mention the outstanding customer service will ensure the secure payment and purchase. Thus, whether to eliminate your dark circles or old scars, this brand is a reliable option.

Remedial Pax Pros And Cons

Can’t wait to harness natural products for your beauty? Before making an impulsive purchase, calm your mind and wisely consider the pros and cons below:


  • Using natural ingredients
  • Effective performance
  • Skin-friendly and safe formulation
  • Many perks and savings
  • Secure payment and website
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • High rating and review


  • The price can increase.

Remedial Pax Customer Service

How To Contact

Have something to discuss with Remedial Pax? No matter whether you need instruction or utter your complaint, use the contact information below:

Headquarters Address

BrenMik LLC
30 N Gould St Ste 20249
Sheridan WY 82801

Where To Buy Remedial Pax

Getting your skincare for healthier and flawless skin is very simple. You can purchase it in the and wait for it to be delivered to your door. Besides, its skincare is also available on Amazon, eBay, and other shopping platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

When reading Remedial Pax reviews, prospective customers usually have typical questions in their minds. So, check the FAQs below for additional information.

Where is Remedial Pax made?

Its natural skincare is exclusively made in the United States.

Who is Remedial Pax?

It’s an American company that manufactures skin care products like retinol creams, glycolic pads, neck creams, eye creams, and more.


Remedial Pax review is undoubtedly filled with positive reviews. It’s due to how this brand has a terrific skincare collection using natural ingredients. It has a potent formulation that can give effective results.

Furthermore, this company offers products targeting specific issues like anti-aging, scar removal, skin moisturizing, and more. So why not upgrade your skincare routine with organic and skin-friendly products? Scour Remedial Pax for healthier and happier skin!

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