AlignerCo Review

AlignerCo is the perfect place where you can get your dream smile without the struggle of braces. The brand is well known for its clear aligners helping to speed up treatment for straightened teeth far from unwanted side effects.

AlignerCo Review
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Although relatively new, the brand is successfully entering the clear aligner industry with its selling point of being the most affordable product on the market. Even better, AlignerCo won the Aligners Awards in 2020 as The Best For Affordability

As seen on social media, you can find interesting dental health tips & tricks there. The brand has more than 3k followers on Instagram and Facebook. It’s a pretty significant number considering they’ve been running for about three years. 

What’s more, it has been recognized by reputable media platforms such as Forbes health, Health,, LA WEEKLY, NewMouth, and SMILE PREP. Mostly they recommend this brand as a cost-effective treatment plan option to check out. 

If you want to change your braces with clear aligners, look no further than this AlignerCo Review. Here we will break down the pros & cons, the results, and how it works with easy explanations. 

No need to go anywhere else. Stay with us!

Why AlignerCo

You might be questioning how good this brand actually is. In answer to your doubts, we’re going to tell you the reasons why you should buy at AlignerCo. 

AlignerCo Highlights

  • Offers several coupons & discounts 
  • Free shipping within the United States 
  • You can claim free gift based on the terms & conditions 
  • You can take a free assessment 
  • Friendly customer support 
  • Easy to request refunds 
  • You can request cancellation within 24-48 hours of making an order 

What's On AlignerCo

With AlignerCo, it is super easy to have a customized treatment package for your crooked teeth without going to the clinic. Yup, these packages are delivered right to your doorstep. 

Choose your favorite plan below:

Can’t decide which one to choose? Head over as we’ll take two best-selling for a more detailed review. It’s our objective to guide you in gaining the most fantastic shopping experience. 

AlignerCo Smile Advantage Review

If you’re a new client, you can start your journey with the Smile Advantage plan, which consists of various products for the smile you’ve been dreaming of. 

AlignerCo Smile Advantage Review
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This includes the privilege of receiving a customized treatment plan from a specialized team who will track your treatment progress. Not only that but your case will also be reviewed and approved by a dental expert with experience in the aligners world. 

What’s included in the package?

  • Impression Kit
  • Smile Projection
  • Teeth Whitening Kit
  • Aligners
  • Retainers
  • Aligner Cleaner + Whitener

AlignerCo Retainers Review

In case you’ve been wearing braces before, it’s totally fine to drop them and switch to Retainers with no requirement for a strict oral hygiene routine. 

AlignerCo Retainers Review
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Use it during the day or night without disturbing your daily routine. It’s a pain-free retainer designed to feel secure and comfortable in place.

Add some other products sold separately, such as Sonic Electric Toothbrush, Teeth Whitening Pen, and Cheek Retractor, to maintain your smile eternally. 

What’s included in the package?

  • Impressions Kit
  • A set of Clear Retainers
  • A clear Retainer case

How Quickly Does AlignerCo Work?

Basically, it’s a series of aligners to fit over your teeth, providing additional strength to fix the misalignment of teeth. The aligners can be worn for around ten days for 20–22 hours daily. And wear NightOnly aligners for 8-10 hours at night. 

For sure, each treatment comes with a different results cycle. However, if you use it regularly, according to the prescribed, your teeth will eventually align within 4-6 months, depending on your case’s seriousness. 

During the treatment, you are not permitted to chew gum or drink anything hot or icy. It might cause damage to the aligners. 

AlignerCo Before And After

We’re not talking about nonsense. This brand has succeeded in transforming your smile into a gorgeous and smile-free one. That’s confirmed by some of the trusted testimonials on the website

AlignerCo Before And After
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Look at what they really said after using AlignerCo:

After I sent the molds in, it took a few weeks to make all my retainers. As soon as I got it, I dropped the first set in. Was expecting them to be more painful. Then I took it off and found that some of my teeth hurt just a little bit. It was working! …

This aligner didn’t fail my expectations! This is the cheapest out of all aligner companies I’ve researched and always engaged with you throughout the entire treatment process! They will consistently check in on you too to see if you were doing well and were very accommodating to any issues that arise… 

Great progress and I can’t express enough how my smile had changed. I want to have confident smile. Yeah, these aligners can be tight and leave your mouth sore at first, but its well worth it to breathe and eat better …

From the statements above, it can be summarized that using aligners works pretty well on your teeth. Some also said that it’s painless plus much safer to use with amazing results. 

How Much AlignerCo Cost?

At AlignerCo, you can enjoy budget-friendly prices that leave your pocket smile. Here are the invisible aligners costs that you should know: 

Smile Advantage

  • Regular price: $895.00
  • Sale price: $870.00

Smile Advantage by Affirm 

  • Regular price: Only $73/month 
  • Sale price: – 

Smile Flex Easy

  • Regular price: Only $100/month 
  • Sale price: – 

Smile Protection Plan

  • Regular price: $680.00
  • Sale price: $549.00


  • Regular price: $215.00
  • Sale price: –

Need more? You can reveal some coupon codes only when you buy directly through the official website. Please note that the codes might be limited. If you’re lucky, you can still use them. 

AlignerCo vs Smile Direct vs Byte

These three brands are often compared when speaking about teeth straightening at home. So the question becomes: Is AlignerCo more effective between the two?

Take a look at the following comparison table to get the answer:

  AlignerCo Smile Direct Byte

All day aligners: 4-6 months

Night aligners: 6-8 months 

All day aligners: 4-6 months

Night aligners: 8-10 months 

All day aligners: 4 months

Night aligners: 5 months 


$895 sticker price

$2,050 sticker price $1,999 sticker price
Payment Plan Options Soft credit check & down payment  Down payment  Soft credit check & down payment 
Appearance  Uses smooth, shiny, and translucent plastic Uses textured plastic  Uses clear plastic 
Convenience Provide a convenient treatment Provide a convenient treatment Provide a convenient treatment
Customer Experience

Provides excellent customer service and has almost perfect ratings

Offers standard support option Some give positive and negative reviews
Company Background  Founded in 2019 Founded in 2014 Founded in 2017

Based on this comparison, we can say that AlignerCo is indeed more cost-effective than others, even though the brand is new. However, other aspects can compete with others, such as service, manufacturing, and user-friendly. 

AlignerCo Pros & Cons

Nowadays, the market aligner has grown rapidly to meet customers’ needs. To give you an easy way to compare AlignerCo with rival brands, let us show you the upsides and downsides of this brand. 

AlignerCo Pros 

  • It can be removed easily
  • It’s great to use for adults and teenagers 
  • There’s no need to book dental appointments
  • All treatment plans consist of a whitening kit 
  • It has flexible payment methods
  • Best value for the money 

AlignerCo Cons 

  • Some people almost experience dry mouth 
  • Not applicable for treating severe cases
  • The treatment might take longer than others 

Is AlignerCo Worth To Buy?

Every treatment plan in this store is licensed Orthodontist and reviewed by experts. It should clear up any doubts you may have about this brand as it offers the lowest price compared to others. 

The well-packaged service ensures your invisible aligners arrive safely. What’s more, countless people have proven the effectiveness of using these aligners regularly. So we have no reason to doubt the trustworthiness of this brand. 

How To Contact AlignerCo

Thankfully, the customer service team at AlignerCo is always welcoming you to help with everything you need. Here is the various way to get in touch with the team:

Tap the widget button in the bottom right corner of the website to start your chat with the team. If you have an urgent issue, call by phone number above from 9 am to 6 pm EST for US customers only. 

It’s also convenient to book an appointment at the AlignerCo smile studio by visiting this page. Or you can email them at or call (516) 750-5031. 

AlignerCo Address

16 Herzog place,
Hicksville NY 11801

Where To Buy AlignerCo

You can purchase the invisible aligners only on the official website to ensure the originality of the products. 


While searching for AlignerCo Review, you must have the following general questions. Over here, we’ll help to provide the answers you need. 

Is AlignerCo FDA approved?

Absolutely, yes! All the aligners made from AlignerCo are FDA-approved by DENTSPLY Raintree Essix, Inc. The customization process has been assessed in line with standard regulations for safe distribution. 

Is Alignerco A Good Company?

This is a legitimate company that offers dentist-free treatment. It is a good place to customize your invisible aligners with personalized treatment plans. 

How Long Does AlignerCo Take To Make Aligners?

The whole aligners manufacturing and delivery process takes a total of 5 weeks. It starts with the process of molding your custom teeth for 2 weeks. Once you approve the aligners, they will ship to your place in about 3 weeks.


Mostly, we’re pretty impressed with the treatment at AlignerCo. All aligners are specially customized to suit the individual customer’s teeth, which makes them more comfortable to use and works effectively. 

Additionally, it can be an alternative to finding affordable prices yet delivering superior quality. It’s a great time to take your dental impression at home and share your lovely smile to the world. 

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