Forth With Life Review

Forth With Life was started by female CEO and founder Sarah Bolt for female health. In 2016, this company was established with the simple mission of helping people become healthier by understanding their body’s biochemistry.

Forth With Life Review
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As a female-led company, this brand is concerned about the shortcomings in female health. So, it determined to help close the gap in gender health by providing women with their bodies’ comprehensive scientific insight.

Now it has a wide selection of blood tests, from targeting the heart to hormones. The test number will keep increasing with innovative solutions for your wellness. Furthermore, the company has delivered more than 550K scientific tests.

The highly solutive blood tests also led them to be featured on The Times, UKTN, Woman&Home, Thrive Global, etc. On top of that, the brand has over 2.1K followers on Instagram and 1.2K on Facebook.

Well, from this short information, everything seems good about the brand. But are you sure? Therefore, our Forth With Life review will dig for more information to ensure you make the right decision!

Why Forth Blood Test?

Being the best home blood test UK, it’s why Forth With Life is highly recommended. Its health test service makes it easier to understand your body’s health. It’s convenient, fast, and accurate.

In addition, the company has a selection of tests at competitive pricing. The digital result is also fast and easy to understand, with valuable tips and advice. 

Besides, the service is unquestioned with the gold standard accredited service. Its blood sample kits are CE marked and certified by ISO 13485 for medical devices. Meanwhile, the labs receive the UKAS 15189 accreditation.

What's On Forth With Life Tests

The main expertise of the best at-home blood test UK is offering blood tests for women. But the brand expands its blood tests with some male and general health test products. Currently, it has 70 different tests available, encompassing hormones to cholesterol.

Its healthcare is compliant with the highest standard for quality and service. Also, the company has specialist doctors, biomedical scientist, and dieticians that works for you. Below are some of the test categories on the website:

Forth With Life Blood Test Collections

  • Hormone: MyFORM Perimenopause, Female Hormones, Male Hormones Test, etc.
  • Fertility: PCOS, Progesterone, Female Fertility Blood, Pregnancy Nutrition Blood Test, etc
  • General Health: Baseline Health Check, Ultimate Health Checks, Kidney Function test, etc
  • Nutrition: Vitamin Deficiency, Pre-Diabetes Test (HbA1c), Anaemia Blood Test, etc
  • Sport: Advanced Female Athlete, Male Fitness, Female Fitness Test, etc
  • Mental Health: Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Costisol, Ferritin, etc

The brand has a very comprehensive collection when it comes to focused test packages. Plus, it offers a personalised test where you can build tests based on your needs.

However, what can you get by purchasing the blood test product? So for better insight, we’ll provide the Forth With Life for some of its products!

Forth With Life Testosterone Blood Test Reviews

The Testosterone Blood Test is the best-selling test kit for males and females. This finger prick test will measure the total of your testosterone levels.

Forth With Life Testosterone Blood Test Reviews
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This test is popular among men and women due to the importance of testosterone. It can affect muscle strength, mood, libido, and energy. So those who usually want to build muscle or measure sexual function.

It’s also vital for females because it affects menopause and fitness. If you want to measure your testosterone, get this phlebotomy kit, usually called the finger prick kit. The expert will provide you with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand result with advice about your testosterone.

Collect the sample between 8 am–10 am when testosterone levels peak to ensure the best result. Thus, get your Testosterone Blood Test from one of the best at-home health tests UK at £39!

Forth With Life Result

If your blood test kits already arrived in its health care, it usually takes 2 working days to access the result. It provides a secure dashboard along with personalised comments from its GPs.

Forth With Life Result
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In addition, we love how the professionals make hard science sounds so easy to understand. By using these in-depth results, identify the issues and make improvements. A fast and accurate result with advice ensures the best way to improve your health based on the result.

Forth With Life App Reviews

In the previous section, you know how the dashboard presents the result. So what is it? The dashboard is available in the Forth With Life app for Android and iOS.

Forth With Life App Reviews
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So this brand combines sophisticated technology, medical expertise, and accurate analysis. Using this combination, you can get a clear picture of your health. The health dashboard will provide all information about your health in a simple and accessible format.

Additionally, the easy-to-read dashboard allows you to compare the results to check the imbalance. Besides, you can even compare yourself to others of similar age and gender. So, you’ll see the read that needs extra attention.

Not only providing your biomarker levels, but the app will also provide in-depth knowledge. Users can dive into the details and know how it works and what’s needed. Plus, the tailored advice from medical experts will help to improve.

Overall it’s a great all-in-one app to know the result, monitor your health, and improve. So, order the blood test kits and install the app for an excellent test experience!

Forth With Life Price

How Much Does It Cost?

You may be curious about the pricing after knowing information about its products and service. After scouring its products list, we found that the price range is £39-£399. The lowest is Testosterone Blood Test, and the highest is Ultimate Health Check.

There are no offers that are currently running. But you can lower the price by joining the email list to receive information and a discount code for future perks. FIY, all purchases are eligible for free shipping!

Forth With Life Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Having been in the industry since 2016, this brand has helped over 50K people. So this brand obtains a good number of reviews that allow us to investigate the customer experience. For instance, it gets a 4.3/5 average rating from 1,043 reviews in Trustpilot.

Forth With Life Reviews
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We’ve collected some customer testimonials that we think are worth considering. Here’s one of Forth With Life reviews:

Prompt response to any questions I had and also my test results. Excellent explanations for the things I tested. A 100% understanding of the potential causes of low levels of some things like vitamin D and treatment options.

Another customer also said:

Super slick website and dashboard. The home test kits are well documented, but inevitably you need good manual dexterity to collect blood samples. Decent feedback on the status of the sample on its journey through the lab. The results are very clear, and the comments are very detailed and helpful…

Despite the enormous positive feedback, we choose one complaint review. Here it’s:

Good overall, but the lack of a phone number to call in case of problems is a significant drawback. I’ve had to send emails repeatedly for 2 days to resolve my inability to access my account and get results. Whereas a phone call would resolve the issue in 5 minutes.

As mentioned in the testimonials above, they mostly state the prompt result, good explanations, and decent websites. The only downside is that this brand doesn’t provide a telephone number for smoother customer service.

Is Forth With Life Worth It?

Looking for the best at-home blood tests? Forth With Life is worth considering to enjoy convenient and fast blood tests. This company is legitimate, with safe procedures and excellent service. It also has multiple blood tests that can be personalised based on your need, from general health to fertility tests.

Is Forth With Life Worth It?
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The test was also designed by trained professionals ensuring reliable and accurate results. Not only that, but we also like how it uses the app to deliver extremely convenient and helpful results. All in all, it’s the best place to find trusted blood tests at reasonable pricing.

Forth With Life Pros And Cons

Before finalising your decision, consider the pros and cons below:


  • Convenience service
  • Accurate and comprehensive result
  • Easy to understand the result
  • Tailored expert advice
  • Vast selection of blood tests 
  • Fast result within 2 days
  • Certified for quality and security
  • Free delivery
  • Easy cancellation
  • Highly positive customer testimonials


  • No customer service via phone call

Forth With Life Contact Information

How To Contact

Forth With Life doesn’t share the contact number. Fortunately, you can reach the responsive customer service that is available from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday via:

Company Address

Basepoint Business Centre
Beaufort Park, Chepstow
NP16 5UH

Where To Buy

Want to take your blood test in your comfort? Then you should try the Forth With Life blood tests available in the UK. To purchase the various tests, visit its official store at!


Frequently Asked Questions

Before purchasing products, you may have some questions arise. Thus, we’ve compiled the FAQs related to the Forth With Life review that people also ask.

How long does it take for Forthwithlife to deliver?

The test kits usually arrive within 1-2 business days via Royal Mail First class.

Who owns Forth With Life?

Sarah Bolt owns this blood test company.

How to get a Forth With Life login?

If you purchase the test from the website, you must make an account which is part of the checkout process. So, you can create the login details based on your information. If the account has been completed, you can use the login details from the checkout to log in.


If you have no time to have a thorough check-up in a hospital, then it’s the best alternative. Our Forth With Life review sees why this company has become the best NHS home blood test kit.

It has a blood test kit that’s safe and simple for you to use at home. What’s more, the brand has a collection of tests with fast and comprehensive reports. The experts are also highly helpful in giving advice to improve your condition. Hence, get a thorough blood test at your home with Forth With Life!

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