BoSidin Hair Removal Review

BoSidin is a trusted company in beauty and body, focusing on advanced technology hair removal systems combined with skin rejuvenation. As the brand claim, it’s fast, safe, and effective

BoSidin Hair Removal Review
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The journey began in 2009 when the brand created the home-use hair removal device. This professional technology of medical beauty can operate at home efficiently. Surprisingly, it’s loved by British women. 

Over the next six years, the brand successfully launched the first new upgrade device that works effectively after eight weeks. The mission is to design a hair removal device that can prevent hair regrowth for beautiful skin that lasts. 

Eventually, the brand successfully entered the market and became the best-selling product in Japan and the United States, favored by women. It got even better when they won the 2020 German reddot design award for hair removal. 

Does it really work for you? You’ll discover it sooner more about the features and its functioning in this BoSidin Review. We promise to give you everything you need. So, stay tuned with us!

Why BoSidin?

At BoSidin, you can effortlessly say goodbye to all unwanted hair and leave your skin clear and glowing. They put customer satisfaction first, ensuring benefits and shopping experiences you can’t get anywhere else.

Here we will reveal a few reasons why you should buy from BoSidin. 

BoSidin Highlights

  • Made of advanced technology 
  • Free Shipping in most countries
  • You’ll find the exclusive colors 
  • You’ll get free tools 
  • 2-year warranty
  • Full money-back guarantee 
  • 24 hours help & support 

What's On BoSidin

Interestingly, BoSidin uses three innovative hair removal technologies: dynamic cooling system, medical-grade light source, and advanced pulse technology. And it’s all about comfort and convenience. 

The dynamic cooling device (DCD) is a technology that makes hair removal a breeze without the need for creams, gels, or ice packs. Instead, DCD creates a cooling sensation on the skin immediately before the light is emitted. 

Meanwhile, BoSidin uses a medical-grade light source with a wavelength of 650-910nm, which allows it to filter out invalid light energy. Thus, it reduces the effects of wavelengths that cause damage to the skin surface. 

Most importantly, advanced OPT technology allows the energy to penetrate deep into the hair follicles. This method is believed to be gentler and more effective for the skin.

That’s the incredible innovation created by BoSidin to provide exceptional quality and ultimate comfort. Well, the brand offers three best-selling products that we will continue to discuss. 

  • Pioneer Permanent Hair Removal Device
  • Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device
  • Mini Permanent Hair Removal Device

Each one has different features and result cycles to meet your needs. Take a look at our opinions on each product below to determine which laser hair removal is ideal for you. 

BoSidin Pioneer Review

Alright, let’s get the spotlight on the first product, the BoSidin Pioneer Permanent Hair Removal Device, with the benefits of IPL technology and laser. 

BoSidin Pioneer Review
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The Pioneer series features AI intelligence that is extremely fast out of light with one key switch. It has an automatic mode that works entirely in a short time. You’ll only need 4.7 min for legs, 3 min for arms, 1 min for the bikini line, 0.8 min for underarms, and 0.5 min for lips. 

What’s more, it has a flexible selection of 6 energy levels you can adjust from the lowest to the highest. The Pioneer series also includes a freezing point mode. 

It is ideally used for women & men with the result cycle within 8 weeks


  • Dimensions: 200 x 126 x 51.8 mm
  • Product power: 60W
  • Voltage range: 100-240V
  • Net weight: 0.48 kg
  • Light source: OPT 2
  • Gear range: 1-6 (adjustable) 

Accessories Included

  • Google
  • Razor
  • Us Plus
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Bikini and SR Magnetic Attachment

BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Review

If you would like to achieve a more intensive hair removal experience, then go with the BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device for stubborn or coarse hair. 

BoSidin Pioneer-Pro Review
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Just like the Pioneer series, this one feature six exclusive modes, including arms mode, underarms mode, bikini mode, leg mode, face mode, and skin rejuvenation. And it comes with auto flash and cool the skin mode. 

It effectively removes your thick hair without leaving black spots. Simply use it for no more than 10 minutes then see the result within 6 weeks. Pretty quick, isn’t it? 

Moreover, we truly love the elegant design in a choice of green or white colors. You’ll notice the BoSidin logo display lamp, which flashes periodically during use. 


  • Dimensions: 200 x 126 x 51.8 mm
  • Product power: 60W
  • Voltage range: 100-240V
  • Net weight: 0.48 kg
  • Light source: OPT 2
  • Gear range: 1-6 (adjustable) 

Accessories Included

  • Google
  • Razor
  • Us Plug
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Bikini, SR, Arm, Leg, and Armpit Magnetic Attachment

BoSidin Mini Review

Next up, BoSidin Mini Hair Removal Device is an alternative if you want a hair removal device that is compact, fast, and convenient. It’s great to bring it with you on your travels without hassle. 

BoSidin Mini Review
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It features new double-pulse hair removal technology that produces continuous light emission twice in 0.1 seconds. It will save you time and effectively remove your whole body hair within 3 weeks.

What makes it interesting is the smart safe and sensor-safe light to protect your eyes from light radiation. This smart sensor will change color to green when it is close to your skin. 

You’ll find the gear indicator, mode switch key, and open/gear key in the handle of the device. Also, you can adjust the gear from the lowest to the highest lowest based on your need. 


  • Flashes: Unlimited
  • Power: 60 W
  • Wavelength: 590-1200 mm
  • Gear: 1-3 gear
  • Weight: 195 g
  • Voltage: 100-240 V

Accessories Included

  • Google
  • Razor
  • Us Plug
  • User Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Bag

BoSidin Price

How about the price? As the review published, some of the products are on sale. It’s such good news for you to save your payment, right? Here’s the price:

Pioneer Permanent Hair Removal Device 

  • Regular price: $339.99

Pioneer-Pro Permanent Hair Removal Device 

  • Regular price: $389.99
  • Sale price: $279.99

Mini Permanent Hair Removal Device 

  • Regular price: $389.99
  • Sale price: $329.99

Other exclusive deals can also be found by simply purchasing on the official website. 

BoSidin Hair Removal Instruction

Here’s a step by step instructions to wear your hair removal device, as follows: 

  • Shave your hair in the hair removal part
  • Plug the device, then turn on the power
  • Select the gear energy position
  • Choose the mode according to your need
  • Wear goggles and hit the first time
  • Hit the second time to configure the corresponding SR head and repair damaged skin

BoSidin vs Jovs

Are BoSidin and Jovs hair removal devices the same? Look at the comparison table below:

Difference BoSidin Pioneer Jovs Venus
Technology OPT (Laser & IPL) OPT (Laser & IPL)
Auto & Manual Mode Yes Yes
Safety Certificate  FDA FDA
User Suitable for men and women Suitable for men and women 
Shipping  Worldwide shipping  Worldwide shipping 
Guarantee 180-day money back guarantee 90-day guarantee

Overall, you might notice that the Jovs venus Pro II hair removal product is precisely the same as Bosidin Pioneer in design, color, and features. We couldn’t find the detailed information why those two are same. 

BoSidin Pros & Cons

In this section, we’ll show you the benefits and drawbacks of this brand to provide you with a comprehensive understanding and satisfying purchasing experience. 

BoSidin Pros 

  • It’s more effective and gentler 
  • Uses the latest technology for better use
  • It is safe to use without any pain
  • It features incredible modes 
  • It is FDA-approved and receive other International certifications (Toby, RoHS, QC Passed, FC, CE)
  • The products are at affordable price 
  • 180-day money-back guarantee

BoSidin Cons 

  • Some people getting trouble with the instructions
  • It’s not suitable for some hair color 
  • It doesn’t works with dark skin color

Is BoSidin Worth It?

Exactly, BoSidin is worth buying. This brand gives you the best hair removal device that is safe to use, FDA-approved, effective, and get results in less than 10 minutes. 

Even better, the brand hired a team of over 70 skin science experts from worldwide and worked with Prof Smoot, a Nobel winner in Physics. It will ensure that every customer gets the best at-home hair removal device.

BoSidin Customer Service

If there’s anything that interferes with your purchase process or something else, you can directly contact customer service to give you advice. Drop a message through the e-mail address below: 

Alternatively, use the “live chat” feature at the bottom corner of the website. The team would be glad to assist you. 

Where To Buy BoSidin?

You can buy it online through the official store to guarantee the authenticity of the product. By shopping at its website, you’ll receive $50 off on your first order once you subscribe to the newsletter. 


Below are the Frequently Asked Questions you need to find the general answers. 

Does BoSidin Hair Removal Work?

This hair removal device uses light that penetrates the hair follicles without affecting the surface layer of the skin. What’s more, Optimal Pulse Technology (OPT) perfectly maximizes the function of IPL technology and laser.

With its advanced technology, it is highly effective to make you feel comfortable doing salon hair removal treatment at home. 

Is BoSidin Painful?

With cutting-edge technology, BoSidin creates permanent hair removal solutions for safe and painless. This product has many settings, filters, and automatic modes to ensure the smooth wear you need. 

What Is SR Mode On BoSidin?

This brand combines photo rejuvenation technology into an SR mode which can be used with the detachable SR attachment. The function of the mode is to improve elasticity and to create more radiant and healthy skin.

Is BoSidin Hair Removal FDA Approved?

Absolutely yes! BoSidin is already FDA-approved (The United States Food and Drug Administration). In addition, the brand has undergone intensive development and several studies for over five years to ensure effectiveness and safety for your skin. 


By reading BoSidin review, you now know that this hair removal tool comes with the latest technology to make your skin more radiant and much brighter. Of course, the final result will vary depending on which device you use, including your skin and hair color. 

Use it regularly and follow the user guide that has been provided. You should always use the device with caution to achieve the desired results. Enjoy your salon treatment at home! 

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