Psycho Sloth Review

Having long become a gym addict, Byron and Noah have tried most of the common supplements. It includes pre-workout, protein, and creatine. Like many other smart consumers, they’re always skeptical about the contained ingredients.

Psycho Sloth Review
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Then, in 2019, they became more aware of it because 1 out of 2 people experience side effects of workout supplements. Here, they realized the pre-workout supplement needed to change.

Indeed, we want our bodies to be shaped and reach our dream bodies. But we don’t want the instant result to be a double-edged sword affecting your body’s health, right? Thus, Psycho Sloth was born in Miami, Florida, for those who want to look good, feel good, and stay healthy.

Now, this brand has helped more than 5K gym goers reach their fitness goals while maintaining their health. On top of that, many fitness enthusiasts want to stay updated with this brand, with over 2.3K followers on Instagram.

However, do these numbers mean something? So, let’s see whether this number speaks the truth of its quality in our Psycho Sloth review. Scour more product testimonials to the deals updates!

Why Psycho Sloth Brand?

Tired of sketchy ingredient labels and unpleasant side effects? It’s the best reason to try Psycho Sloth. This company is more than a supplement brand. Striving to give people the weapon to reach their fitness goals and ensure a healthy future enhances its trustworthiness.

It only uses natural ingredients with no synthetic ingredients, which guarantees no more jitters, crashes, and cramps. Besides, this high formulation offers great energy, pump, muscle definition, performance results, and long-term health. The safety also will be supported with the third-party lab test.

Aside from the product’s quality, the brand also aims to provide excellent customer service. So, the customer will be spoiled with responsive customer service, a 30-day return policy, and fast shipping.

What's On Psycho Sloth

As you know, Psycho Sloth focuses on offering a supplement to support your fitness. But what makes it different is the natural formulation and enhanced safety. It allows them to provide a trustworthy, safe supplement for healthier results.

Its product will help you to reach your body goals. Currently, the brand only has limited supplements, from pre-workout to weight gainer supplements. But you can also find its merch collection, including shorts, tee, hats, headbands, sports bras, and more.

Product Collections

A limited product assortment allows them to focus entirely on product development and research. But is its supplement good? Our Psycho Sloth review section below will find out!

Psycho Sloth Pre Workout Pills Review

The Pre-Workout Pill

The Psycho Sloth Pre-Workout Pill is the first launched product. So, automatically, it’s the best-selling supplement to provide a steady energy jolt with no negatives. Whether before cardio or volleyball playing, it’s best to kick you up.

Psycho Sloth Pre Workout Pills Review
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It contains 4 vital natural ingredients that are highly beneficial for pre-workout. These include beetroot, electrolytes, green tea, and l-theanine. Furthermore, the combination will give you a steady energy boost without jitters or crashes.

We like how it only uses natural ingredients with no artificial compounds, fillers, or sugars. Ensures clean performance with enhanced safety. Moreover, the formulation is made in a lab to give a safely formulated supplement.

Instead of dry, unappetizing powders, consume it easily by swallowing 1-2 pills before working out. Each container will contain 60 capsules. So, gain clean energy before an extensive workout with this vegan pre-workout capsule for $24.97!

Psycho Sloth Creatine Review

Creatine HCL Capsules

Planning to grow your muscle? Don’t settle for a side effect of a bloated stomach. Consider the Psycho Sloth Creatine HCL Capsules. Unlike the creatine monohydrate supplement, creatine HCL can help build your muscle without bloat or stomach issues.

Psycho Sloth Creatine Review
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In addition, it is only formulated from one key ingredient of Creatine HCL. These vegan/keto creatine capsules are manufactured with no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers. So, it’s super safe to consume with manufacturing process on NSF-certified facility.

Instead of sandy, acidic creatine powder, take 2 easy-to-swallow pills daily. The capsules are unflavored, so drinking 8-12oz water is better. Furthermore, each bottle contains 150 creatine capsules.

Overall, this creatine pill is the best choice for boosting the natural energy source in the body. It allows you to exercise harder and longer, leading to muscle gain and fat loss. Thus, build your muscle effectively using an organic creatine HCL supplement at $34.97!

Psycho Sloth Pricing

How Much Does It Cost?

With the current product collection on its website, the price ranges from $8.95 to $56. The lowest-priced item is the Headband and the highest is the Sports Leggings. These prices are pretty affordable, with quality products and many capsules contained. Here’s the pricing of each collection:

Pre-Workout Pill $24.97
Creatine HCL Capsules $34.97
Psycho Merch $8.95-$56

If you’re a sale hunter like us, checking the current perks may be your must-routine. So, we’ll make it easier for you by listing the recent deals on its website. Check it out!

Psycho Sloth Sale

  • Get the lowest price for bulk purchases at Wholesale 
  • Find the products currently on sale on the all-collection page
  • Enjoy 25% off on your first purchase of Creatine HCL Capsules
  • Join the newsletter for a free creatine giveaway and exclusive discount codes.

Psycho Sloth Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Before finalizing your decision, you may be interested in knowing every tea about this brand. So, checking the customer reviews to see what tea they have is important. For instance, Judge.Me gather a 4.73/5 rating from 67 reviews.

Psycho Sloth Reviews

 Additionally, it’s unquestionably that this brand has been one of the best-selling brands on Amazon. Here’s the rating and review data on Amazon:

It’s such an impressive achievement to have a rating above 4 stars. It shows how most of the customers are satisfied with the purchase. Now, it’s time to check the customer statement in the Pre-Workout review:

I definitely enjoyed this pre. If you don’t want bloating, itching, tingling, or a floating feeling, this is for you… Perfectly works for a little boost and no crashes during the day. Bonus. It is pills, so there is no powder to clean up. I completely recommend this for anyone sensitive or new to pre-workouts. A 5 out of 5 for me!

Even though nearly all the feedback is favorable, it’s better to check the negatives. So we choose a complaint on psycho sloth creatine HCL pills review. Here it is:

Totally love this product. No bloat or upset stomach, same great results…I do think 10 days to start the shipping process is too long. They didn’t respond to my email asking about the order’s status after it took longer than expected.

Nearly all the testimonials state the ease of consumption with effective and natural results. Meanwhile, the complaints are primarily about delayed shipping. All in all, the positives are still overwhelming, with genuine opinions about the quality, taste, and results.

Is Psycho Sloth Worth It?

In purchasing fitness supplements, it’s indeed vital to consider every aspect. Mainly concerned about the safety of products and formulations. Psycho Sloth is worth investing in for a reliable brand with quality products.

Is Psycho Sloth Worth It?

Made of natural ingredients in a certified facility, it ensures a trustworthy formulation. Besides, the vegan and natural formulation offers effective results with no side effects. Hence, it’s the best option for an effective and healthier supplement to unleash your best performance!

Psycho Sloth Pros and Cons

Are you positive to try its organic products? But before finalizing your decision, check the pros and cons of the brand!


  • Easy to consume
  • Use only natural ingredients
  • Third-party lab-tested products
  • The fast-acting result with the healthier formulation
  • No artificial ingredients, flavors, and fillers
  • No side effects like jitters and crash
  • 30 days return policy
  • Positives customer testimonials


  • Delay in delivery
  • No free shipping.

Psycho Sloth Customer Service

How To Contact

Any questions? Need help? Get ahold of its customer service team, who’ll gladly help you, via:

Headquarters Address

Miami, Florida

Where To Buy Psycho Sloth

Have you planned to start your workout effectively with these wonderful pills? Then, the best place to get the item is by purchasing at the official store at Its collection is also exclusively available on Amazon, Walmart, and other online retail stores!


Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for the answer to your question? Try to find it in our list of FAQs related to the Psycho Sloth review below!

What are the ingredients in Psycho Sloth creatine?

Creatine Pills contain natural ingredients of Creatine Monohydrate with no artificial flavors, colors, or fillers.

How do you take Psycho Sloth creatine?

First, take 2 capsules of Creatine and drink 8-16oz water. Then, you can start working out.

Is Psycho Sloth Legit?

With a highly positive review and transparent products, this brand is legit. Even better, its products are accompanied by third-party lab tests that enhance reliability.


What is the final verdict of our Psycho Sloth review? Our long section above reveals that this brand is the ideal option for a natural supplement to reach your workout goals. Using only organic ingredients for potent results, it’s a healthier alternative for gym goers.

Instead of powder, the capsule form makes it more pleasant to consume. You can easily take it with a glass of water to leverage the effective result. Therefore, unlock your best performance to push your limit with Psycho Sloth!

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