Byte Aligners Review

Everyone deserves to have a gorgeous smile with confidence. That’s why Byte aims to help people achieve the most accessible and affordable at-home clear aligner.

Byte Aligners Review
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Who exactly is Byte? This is a company focused on oral healthcare, located in Los Angeles, USA. This company is an accredited member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and a member of the American Teledentistry Association. 

The brand has become increasingly recognized and popular, with over 24k 5-star customer reviews. Plus, it has 28.4k+ followers on Facebook and 207k followers on Instagram with a verified badge.

It’s no surprise that the brand ranks as the #1 choice when searching for the best clear aligner, as can be seen in Forbes, InStyle, Entrepreneur Magazine, smileprep, and other media. 

Does it really work for you? To decide whether it’s truly an excellent aligner, Byte review will cover all about how it works, the benefits, before and after, and everything you need in between. 

Come on, let’s see your smile!

Why Byte Aligners?

At Byte, you will experience newly straightened teeth in place for as little as a 4-month aligner treatment plan. It’s also a great way to have a delightful aligner investment with:

  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • Simple financing with BytePay
  • Five-star reviews from trusted customers 
  • Offers special offers and discounts 
  • Provides military discount programs up to $150 off 
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Excellent customer service 

What's On Byte Aligners

The brand offers customized aligners that fit your teeth perfectly. And the products are guaranteed to be safe without any side effects. 

Even better, the brand works with licensed dentists and orthodontists across the United States. So the expert approves, reviews, and prescribes each treatment plan to deliver the finest quality aligner.

Before starting to choose the treatment plan, you need to answer 9 short questions to find out the current condition of your teeth only in 30 seconds.

Here are the featured products available on each treatment plans:

You’ll also find some accessories to support your aligner, as follows:

If you’re interested in Byte’s aligners, we strive to provide in-depth reviews in the next section for your guidance, especially if you don’t know where to begin. 

Byte Impression Kit Review

Start the first step by taking impression kit plans to create 3D illustration molds of your teeth. It allows you to get the exact size and extra comfort aligner.

Byte Impression Kit Review
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The tool is extremely easy to use for all teeth types without leaving any pain. Simply follow the instructions, and get your best dental mold for a better smile. 

As we write this review, the Impression Kit is on sale for only $29.95 from $95.00. So hurry up before the discount runs out.

What’s in the box?

  • Guidelines
  • 4 impression trays
  • Smile expander
  • 8 dental putties
  • Nitrile gloves
  • Pre-pad return shipping label. 

Byte Aligners Review

There are two aligner plans to choose from while you purchase the Impression Kit: All-day Aligners System and At-Night Aligners System

Byte Aligners Review
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Each plan comes with Hyperbyte, an exclusive high-frequency vibration device to fit your aligners better. It transmits gentle micro-vibrations around your teeth for extra smoothness and lessens discomfort.

So, what are the differences between those two plans? Here we’ll explain to you:

  • All-day Aligners

It includes HyperByte for the most comfortable and fast treatment to make your smile brighter. You can use it for only 5 minutes a day while using the aligners for at least 22 hours during the daytime.

Remove it when eating or drinking. And you can see the results within 4 months. 

  • At-night Aligners

If you have a busy life and can’t wear aligners all day, choose the At-night treatment option for nightly wear. Then, take them out again in the morning with a smile on your face, and you’re ready to go for the day. 

It is specially designed with thicker material to move your teeth easily while you sleep. Use it for at least 10 hours of wear time. Enjoy your deep with this aligner night plan for 5 months.

Alright, each plan has different usage times and average treatment timelines. It would be best to choose an aligner plan that suits your daily activities to keep you on track and relaxed.

Byte BrightByte Review

BrightByte contains foam cleanser, breath freshener, and whitener. It works as an aligner cleaner and whitens your teeth without visiting the clinic. 

Byte BrightByte Review
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It includes in your treatment plan, or you can buy it separately when you need more. The device is gluten-free, soy-free, and lactose-free—no need to worry about that. 

Before applying BrightByte, brush your teeth to ensure they are clean. Then use one foam pump into your aligner and spread the foam in all areas. Put in your teeth for 10 mins a day, and the result will be at least three days. 

It costs $30 for a single bottle, $25 for 3-pack/each, and 60 packs for $20/each. So add to your cart now and get the offer!

Byte App

Your aligner journey is much easier now with My Byte App. Download the app on the play store or Apple app store and get all access to your aligner progress, including:

  • Receive the newest info about the treatment plan
  • Get the right time to change aligners 
  • Complete monthly check-in 
  • Supports at your fingertips 

How Much Does Byte Cost?

Here are the details prices of each plan treatment:

  • All-day aligners plan

    • $70/Monthly
    • $1.999 for a one-time purchase 
  • At-night aligners plan

    • $84/Monthly
    • $2.399 for a one-time purchase

For accessories, it costs only under $100. The best part? You can claim special offers by subscribing to the newsletter or finding discount codes on the website. 

Byte vs. Smile Direct vs. Invisalign

While searching for brands, we encountered questions like, Is Byte the same as Invisalign? or Which is better between Byte and SmileDirect?

With that in mind, we make a table comparison of the three brands to make things easier. Check them out!

  Byte Smile Direct Invisalign
Treatment time 4–5 months 4–6 months 12–18 months
Cost $1,999 – $2,399 About $2,000 About $5,000+
Convenience Very convenient Very convenient Very convenient
Customer experience Personal advisor  Online app Personal advisor 
How to use  At-home aligner  At-home aligner  Monitored at the dentist’s office

Overall, each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, Byte is more competitive than the other two brands regarding average treatment time, lower price, satisfactory service, and ease of use at home. 

Byte Pros & Cons

Below are the pros and cons list to find out the strengths and weaknesses of the brand, including:

Byte Pros 

  • Every plan approved by doctors
  • It delivers fast results in 4-5 months
  • Track the progress easily through the app
  • Comfortable to wear 
  • Easy instructions
  • Best value for the money 

Byte Cons 

  • It doesn’t offer worldwide shipping 

Is Byte Worth To Buy?

After knowing our thoughts about the brand and the products, you might also ask: Is this a good aligner? 

Well, no more doubts when it comes to the quality and the effectiveness. This brand is your go-to solution for finding the most suitable at-home teeth alignment treatment. It’s well worth your oral care investment. 

Byte Before And After

What Do Customers Think?

Guess what? There are more than 24 testimonials from the website with honest feedback after wearing the aligners. It has 4.57 out of 5 stars based on 24.089 customer reviews. 

In this section, we’ll show you some of them as follows:

From the first review, one happy buyer proved how effective this aligner delivers exceptional comfort like no other brand. She said:

I also tried other remote aligners brand before. But I was rejected. This brand followed up on my plan ever since they sent out the impression kit to me. I was able to see the complete plan couple days after they received my kit even during a holiday season …

In addition to quality, a satisfied customer shares his experience of the excellent service he received. He left a comment:

This is a great company. I had no issues at all. I worked through my plan as my the brand team advised and within 4 months my smile was beautiful …

Another client also felt the same way about the support help. She said:

The process was very simple and someone was always available to answer questions.

From the above statements, this brand has successfully maintained its quality and provided the best service for its clients. 

How To Contact Byte

Have any questions? Talk to the customer support team, who will help you whenever you need it. Choose one of the contact methods below:

  • Text message: 310-272-5019
  • Call: 866-765-2327, or 
  • Reach out to request support 

The hours of operation start from 7 am – 5 pm PT. For phone calls, it is available on Monday-Friday, except during the holiday season.

Where To Buy Byte

If you’d love to get a great deal on your aligner purchase, we strongly recommend shopping directly from the official online store. Plus, enjoy free shipping and other special offers there. 


Take a look at the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) when looking for Byte Reviews.

Is Byte FDA-Approved?

Their products are approved and cleared by the FDA. In addition, all the manufactured processes and technology used are tested under strict regulations. 

How To Clean Your Aligner?

The easiest way to clean your aligner is to rinse under cool water to prevents discolored and cloudy. 


That’s all about the most effective way to improve your smile every single day. It’s more than about getting a perfect smile. It’s also about feeling good in your own body.

Be a part of Byte to share happiness with a lovely smile. It is a trustworthy brand and the best recommendation in the aligner industry. 

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