Patricks Products Reviews

Started in 2015, Patricks Products was founded by Patrick Kidd in Sydney, Australia. Before establishing his brand, he owned an award-winning barber shop for years. Trying so many haircare and grooming products, he realised it could be better.

Patricks Products Reviews
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Then, he and his team spent 7 years working with the best chemists and labs in the world. Their hard work yields the best formula with quality products thanks to their uncompromising commitment to scientific innovation and quality.

Since then, this brand hasn’t stopped innovating and growing its product collection for the best men’s skin and hair products. Consequently, its product successfully won a line of awards. Plus, it has been featured in Robb Report, Vogue, Men’s Health, Financial Review, GQ and Forbes.

Even more, the brand also has over 21.8K followers on Instagram and 6.5K on Facebook. But can these facts guarantee the products’ quality and efficacy? Thus, our Patricks Products review will help to dig more into it!

Why Patricks Products Inc?

Focusing on scientifically backed formulation and plant-based ingredients, Patricks Products delivers quality products. Its products are formulated with proven efficacy for hair loss and hair thickening.

Aside from that, the formulations are made of safe ingredients to ensure the best usage. It has been formulated with hair care benefits, even for grooming items. So, it’s not only used for styling hair but also enhances hair health.

Its hair and skin care products are also available for international purchase, including in the UK, US and UK. Plus, the online order comes with a 30-day return policy and free shipping to maximise your satisfaction.

What's On Patricks Products UK

Patricks Products is a brand that offers men’s hair and skin care. It also includes the grooming items. One thing that makes this brand stand out is its science-based formulation.

In addition, the products contain natural ingredients that are free from cruelty, paraben, and more. From pomade to nighttime skincare routine, its product collections have all covered for healthier hair and skin.

Patricks Grooming And Skincare Collections

  • Hair Care: SH Plus Shampoo, CD Plus Conditioner, RD1 Spray, SH2 Shampoo, RD2 Serum, etc  
  • Skin Care: AM1 Moisturiser, NS1 Serum, FS1 Face scrub, FW1 Foaming Cleanser, ND1 Deodorant, etc
  • Sets: Styling Trio. Starter Thickening Set, Skin Care Basics, Limited Edition Shower Set, Deodorant Discovery Set, etc

With all of those collections, are all products worth it? So, our Patricks Products review below will contain our testi about the products. Let’s find the actual quality behind it!

Patricks RD1 Review

RD1 Anti Hair Loss Spray

Hair loss seems like a common issues among us. It makes us have thin hair and lowers our confidence. The RD1 Anti Hair Loss Spray is an advanced hair treatment to help you with this issue.

Patricks RD1 Review
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The Patricks Products Hair Loss Spray is scientifically formulated to help block DHT formation. It’ll improve the hair anchoring and nourish both hair and the scalp. Resulting in a significant reduction of hair loss and maximisation of hair growth.

In addition, using cutting-edge ingredients will add a slight texture that will increase the hair volume and decrease fluff. All those benefits come from the formulation of Redensyl, Capixyl, Capi-Secretys, Caffeine, Panthenol, Tego Cosmo, and more.

Simply evenly spray 4-5 times on your scalp and manage it. Also, use 1-2 more sprays to the hair from root to tip to add texture and volume. So, rediscover your thick and healthy hair with this powerful anti-hair loss spray at £64!

Patricks SH1 Shampoo Review

SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo

The Patricks Products SH1 Daily Thickening Shampoo is the best-selling and most awarded product in their grooming collection. This shampoo is carefully formulated for men with concerns about hair loss.

Patricks SH1 Shampoo Review
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Patricks shampoo contains strengthening protein to boost hair density. This can help to make hair look thicker and fuller, even from the first wash. Plus, the mild cleansing agents will effectively cleanse the excess oil and grime that build up.

The contained recovery compound is formulated from plant-based and scientifically engineered ingredients with proven efficacy and the highest quality. Moreover, the ingredients are sulfate, cruelty, phthalate and paraben-free. This combination will effectively address hair growth, hair loss, hair and scalp health.

Another thing we like about it is the Vetiver and Baltic Amber Cologne, which leaves your hair with a pleasant fragrance. You’ll love to sniff your hair. Additionally, it works best for thin to normal hair. So, regain your hair density and fullness with this anti-hairloss and daily thickening shampoo at £28!

Patricks M2 Review

M2 Matte Finish Medium Hold Styling Product

Do you like to use pomade for daily hair grooming with style? Patricks Products M2 Matte Medium Hold is the perfect all-rounder for your everyday hairstyle. The paste medium hold will help to easily make the on-trend hairstyles like pompadour, quiff or messy shorter with natural looks.

Patricks M2 Review
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The M2 pomade offers outstanding re-moldability, allowing the re-style of the hair throughout the day. Besides, it combines plant-based and scientifically formulated ingredients with premium quality and proven efficacy.

Not just a simple pomade, it can help to address hair loss, promote hair growth and improve hair and scalp health. Also, the Cologne De Bergamot will add an extra touch to your hair with a delightful fragrance.

It’s genuinely the best grooming product that offers prominent hair care benefits. Suitable for normal to thick hair and those looking for a natural finish. So, style your hair daily with extra care for hair loss and scalp health at £38!

Patricks UK Price

How Much Does It Cost?

Patricks Products prices vary due to the wide selection of haircare and skincare. Currently, products on the website range from £22.50 to £200. The cheapest item is Travel Basics, and the highest is 3-Step Hair Loss Treatment.

This price can be slightly high but worth it with the proven effectiveness and premium quality. Aside from this, this brand also has sales that can lower your purchase. So check the current perks below:

  • Free shipping on regular UK shipping
  • Get 10% off on auto re-order purchases
  • Obtain points and redeem them for discounts by joining the Patricks Points
  • Join the newsletter for a 10% off discount code and future sale notifications.

Patricks Hair Products Review

What Do Customers Think?

Since 2015, this brand has been known for its premium hair loss products. So many people have already tried its products and left comments to share their opinions. Before discussing the customer testimonials, check the best-selling items’ data below:

Patricks Hair Products Review
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Impressively, this brand has a high rating with hundreds of customer testimonials. It indicates that most of them have positive opinions about the products. Now let’s check this one of Patricks Products reviews from a customer:

After my first M2, I tried the M3 to see if a stronger grip would work, but here I am back to the M2. The grip is perfect, and the scent is more to my taste than what I get with the M3. Extremely highly recommended.

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews, we chose one of the complaints. It allows us to consider both negative and positive reviews. Here’s the customer complaint:

I had first tried Patrick SH1 & CD1 in 2018. I was very impressed with the feel, look, & smell that these products provided… I am sure the new containers cost more, but they have taken me out of the market…

Based on the reviews, most of them state good performance when used. They also like the fragrance and can show effective benefits even after first use. On the other hand, customers complain about the expensive pricing.

Is Patricks Products Worth It?

As a well-rated brand with premium products, Patricks Products is definitely worth it. The price can be slightly high. But if you can afford it, you’ll see its worth. It uses years of science-based formulation and uses quality plant-based ingredients.

Is Patricks Products Worth It?
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It also has many products, from bath to hair care items. The products have a compelling performance that will give you visible results. Plus, the good fragrance is delightful and leaves a long-lasting smell.

Patricks Products Pros And Cons

If you are straightforward, you may like to jump to the point. So check the pros and cons below as the consideration factors to make a smart purchase decision:


  • Plant-based ingredients
  • Science-based formulations
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Proven efficacy
  • Healthier and thicker hair
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • High rating and review


  • High price.

Patricks Products Customer Service

How To Contact

Looking for customer service information? So, if you need to reach the customer service team, shoot an email to Or meet them on social media @patricksproducts on Instagram and Facebook.

Headquarters Address

403/ 61-63 Hall St
Bondi Beach, New South Wales
2026, Australia

Where To Buy Patricks Products

Want to start your healthier hair and skin care routine? The best place to obtain the item is by purchasing it in the official store at This page is dedicated to United Kingdom purchases with a guarantee for authentic products.

In addition, its collection is also available in Patricks Products global stockists. It encompasses Nordstrom, Selfridges&Co, Harrods, David Jones, HBX and Mr. Porter.


Frequently Asked Questions

To make a well-informed buying decision, customers typically ask several questions related to Patricks Products review. So below are some questions that people also asked.

How often to use Patrick's shampoo?

You can use the shampoo 2-3 times weekly when washing your hair thoroughly.

How long does Patrick's shampoo last?

Generally, if you use it twice a week, it’ll last for 4 months.

Does Patrick's hair loss work?

Yes, it does. After three months of usage, it’s proven to reduce 60.6% of hair loss. Furthermore, the hair density also increased by 59.3%.


Finding a promising hair loss shampoo is not easy. Well, you know how hard it is to stop hair loss and thicken your hair again. Our Patricks Products review has given you the right solution to find reliable skin and hair care for men.

Also, the proven formulations have been reviewed by tremendous people who see a good result. So, head to Patricks Products and get the best treatment for your hair and skin using premium formulation!

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