ScalpMED Hair Regrowth Review

ScalpMED is a company known for its hair growth treatment products. According to the website, the brand utilizes a multi-patented formula consisting of 6 USA and 5 International patents to achieve exceptional quality products. 

ScalpMED Hair Regrowth Review
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As of now, it has been almost 15 years since the brand helped more than 2 million customers to regain their confidence with natural and thick hair. Below are some of the key ingredients they use:

  • Minoxidil
  • Retinol
  • Biotin
  • Niacin

What’s more, the brand has been featured in several popular media publications such as Los Angeles Times, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, and NBC. This brand has become one of the best choices for treating hair loss or thinning hair. 

Anyway, we also found out how popular the brand is on its social media sites, with the number of followers. Overall, the brand has almost 30k followers on Facebook and Instagram. 

What do you think so far? Would you like to discover more about this brand? Great! This ScalpMED review will take you through everything about the brand, including best-selling product reviews that might help you decide on the right purchase. 

Why ScalpMED?

At ScalpMED, you can find the right formula to reduce hair loss intensity and promote hair growth naturally. As the brand claim, “Nothing grows your hair back better than ScalpMED.

In this section, we give some reasons why you should buy this brand’s products. Look at the following points:

ScalpMED Highlights

  • The brand has been granted 11 worldwide patents 
  • It contains Minoxidil, FDA-approved topical ingredient 
  • You don’t need to take any surgery or cover-ups 
  • It has more than 2 million customers
  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping on all US customers
  • Friendly customer support 

What's On ScalpMED

Recently, this brand offers a daily haircare kit with all-natural formula with a mission to help you suffering from thinning hair or loss of hair. And we’re truly impressed with the amazing results. 

Below are the available products that you need to know:

Which one is the best-selling? Take it easy. In this ScalpMED Review, we’ll thoroughly discuss three best-selling products to make it easier to decide the most suited for you. 

ScalpMED For Men Reviews

Stop worrying about your hair and enjoy your new look with the Patented Hair Regrowth System For Men

ScalpMED For Men Reviews
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What’s in the package? This patented hair regrowth formula comes with four products: Nutrisol-RM, Vitadil-5A (2 pcs), and Single Step Application. Plus, you’ll get a free gift (shampoo or vitamin + detox) on every purchase. 

This product provides essential nutrients that hair craves, promotes hair growth, and even prevents hair thinning. This set of treatments allows men to recapture their happiness by having naturally thicker and more natural hair.

Below are the ingredients found in the Hair Regrowth System For Men:

  • Nutrisol Ingredients: Purified Water, Glycerin, Retinol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Polysorbate 80, Beta-Sitosterol, Sabal Serrulata Fruit Extract, Panthenol, Biotin, Cystine, Polysorbate 20
  • Vitadil-5A Ingredients: Alcohol, Minoxidil, propylene glycol, purified water

ScalpMED For Women Reviews

Ladies, it’s time to get rid of hair loss with the Patented Hair Regrowth System For Women.

ScalpMED For Women Reviews
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If you have beautiful long hair, it would be best not to cut it off yet, as you still have a chance to strengthen your hair nicely. This patented hair regrowth system is a powerful formula that repairs the structure of your hair from the inside to prevent hair loss. 

What’s the difference between the Men’s series? Although both are made from the same ingredients, they have different dosages that have been formulated for men’s and women’s hair. 

ScalpMED Daily Cleanser Thickening Shampoo Reviews

Have you picked the right shampoo to strengthen your hair? Well, you can switch to Daily Cleanser Thickening Shampoo with Phyto-Pūr, which is good for your thinning hair. 

ScalpMED Daily Cleanser Thickening Shampoo Reviews
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We highly recommend this shampoo since completely contains free of harmful ingredients and irritants. It is highly safe for any hair type and will not cause harmful effects. 

What’s more, this thickening shampoo is fortified and formulated with plant-based and organic cleansers, plus nutrients to strengthen each hair shaft. 

Apply it regularly, and you won’t believe the transformation to thicker, shinier, and more volume in your hair. 

ScalpMED Pricing

Luckily, it is on sale to ensure every customer meets a satisfactory purchase. Starting from the Patented Hair Regrowth System, you can choose your supply amount as follows:

  • 2-month supply
    • Regular price: $251.90
    • Sale price: $114.95 (Save 54%)
  • 4-month supply
    • Regular price: $488.85
    • Sale price: $198.95 (Save 59%)
  • 6-month supply
    • Regular price: $725.80
    • Sale price: $279.95 (Save 61%) 

Unfortunately, there’s no discount for Daily Cleanser Thickening Shampoo. You can purchase it for $23.95. If you want more saving, you can use ScalpMED discount code and redeem it during checkout. 

ScalpMED Side Effect

As stated on the website, all products use ingredients approved by the FDA, which means there are no negative effects for long-term use. And the brand confirms the products do not contain any sexual side effects, making them perfectly safe.

ScalpMED vs Rogaine vs Keranique

Take a look at the comparison table below to see the difference:

  ScalpMED Rogaine Keranique
Products Supplement, shampoo, conditioner, regrowth system Foam Hair regrowth system
Price Start from $39.95 Start from $51.99 Start from $49.95
Key Ingredients Retinol, Biotin, Minoxidil Minoxidil Minoxidil
Used for Suitable for men and women Suitable for men and women Only for women
FDA-approved ingredient Yes Yes Yes
Easy to use Yes Yes Yes
Guarantee 120 money-back guarantee 30-day return policy 120 money-back guarantee

From the table above, all three brands use Minoxidil, a safe ingredient to stimulate hair growth and slow baldness.

However, ScalpMED has its special advantage with a wide range of products at affordable prices. Another plus is you can claim a full refund policy. What more could you ask for?

ScalpMED Pros & Cons

Every product has its benefits and drawbacks; the same goes for this brand. In this ScalpMED Review, we’ve listed the pros and cons from all aspects to make it easier for you to rate this brand.

ScalpMED Pros

  • Receive 11 Worldwide patents
  • It is suitable for men and women
  • All the products are outstanding, with almost 96% of customers growing their hair back
  • It contains ingredients approved by FDA
  • There are no sexual side effects
  • It can work within 6-month
  • 120-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the products

ScalpMED Cons

  • Not all customers feel the benefits in 6 months; some even more than that and up to a year.

Is ScalpMED A Good Product?

Absolutely Yes! ScalpMED offers incredible hair growth care for those who are not confident in having thin hair or often lose hair. You can expect to see the effects in approximately six months.

All the products are carefully formulated with natural ingredients and FDA -approved to avoid damaging your hair. Thus, there are no more concerns about the effectiveness and safety of the product.

Is ScalpMED Worth To Buy?

With extra strength formula that is naturally effective in keeping your hair healthier and stronger, we think ScalpMED is definitely worth considering to be on your new hair care list.

Moreover, it is designed to be used by men and women to bring back their hair as thick as it was when they were young. Other products are also available to boost the final look you expect.

ScalpMED Customer Reviews

Testimonials become something important to consider before making a purchase decision to buy a product. For that reason, we’ll show you some trusted reviews from Amazon customers.  

I feel that is working and hair is thickening

This product actually works , I have tried everything and this is the only thing that has worked for me

This product really works great

From the statement above, it’s pretty sure that the formulas used in each ScalpMED product work effectively to regenerate and strengthen hair. 

ScalpMED Customer Service

If you still have something you don’t understand about the product or want to discuss more hair problems, feel free to contact customer service for help.

Visit this page and drop your questions there. Or tap the “live chat bubble” in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you such in a hurry, call the hotline center at (800) 351-6648

The team will be eager to hear your feedback and will respond within 24 hours during working hours.

ScalpMED Address

5131 S. Procyon St.
Las Vegas, NV 89118
United States

ScalpMED Shipping Policy

Unlock free shipping by purchasing above $50. Yup, ScalpMED offers no shipping cost to the customers. It will ship via FedEx or UPS Ground. You can also choose the other faster shipping options available at checkout.

ScalpMED Return Policy

ScalpMED provides a money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied with the products you receive for any reason. You must send the product back within 120 days after the date of receipt of your order.

First thing first, requests a return of the product by contacting customer service and getting a Credit Return Authorization (CRA) number. Once they receive your item and investigate it, you’ll find out whether your return is accepted.

If accepted, you’re allowed to receive a full refund on your payment. Just wait within a week or less for the whole process.

Where To Buy ScalpMED?

If you’re looking for the original product, we encourage you always to buy it on ScalpMED’s official website. There, you can claim 15% off on your first purchase or other big sales for saving. How’s that sound?


Take a close look at Frequently Ask Questions below to find the answer what you’re looking for!

Is ScalpMED a legitimate product?

Of course, yes! ScalpMED claims that its products meet the standard regulations by using natural ingredients which are free from toxins. 

Is ScalpMED Approved by The FDA?

According to a quick search on its website, ScalpMED uses ingredients approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 


At the end of the day, when you have strong, shiny, healthy hair, it will boost your confidence. It’ll be the right move to get all eyes on you as you enjoy your day in style. 

You can begin with the set of treatments by SclapMED to provide the needed moisture to your hair and promotes general well-being without harmful ingredients. 

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