Chirp Wheel Review

What Does The Chirp Wheel Do?

Chirp Wheel is a massage device used for stretching your back going up and down. This company offers the most effective way to relieve your back pain.

Chirp Wheel Review
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Targeting key pressure points, this device is equipped with a spinal channel to allow for a comfortable massage on both sides of the spine.

Within moments, the brand had already captured the hearts of those with unpleasant back problems. It’s also been seen on Shark Tank, an American business reality show that airs on ABC.

As seen on social media, it has 59.8k+ followers on Facebook and 70.6k+ followers on Instagram with a verified bandage. It shows that the brand is widely recognized and deserves to be tried. 

To prove whether this brand is indeed a worthwhile one to try, the Chirp Wheel review will cover the details of the best-selling product, how it works, pricing, and everything in between. 

Why Chirp Wheel?

There are various kinds of rolling devices that you can find on the market with all their unique features and specifications. Which one interests you more?

In addition to quality, Chirp Wheel prioritizes the satisfaction of its customers for every purchase. That’s why you can enjoy the shopping opportunities there.


  • Free shipping when purchasing over $75
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Offers huge discounts 
  • 5-stars customer support 
  • Cost-effective than others

What's On Chirp Wheel

Made of durable 1/2″ thick sweat-resistant foam padding with a soft EVA backing and sturdy PVC-free ABS plastic. These wheels can be carried around with you on all your travels with ease. 

Each wheel is specially designed to fit between your blades. In addition, it comes in a variety of sizes to optimize the comfort of your lower back. 

Other accessories are also available to support your exercises, such as:

Which product should you choose for beginners? Take it easy. We will elaborate further on this device to make your search easier. 

Chirp Wheel 3 Pack Roller Review

Chirp Wheel+ 3-Pack Roller comes in three different sizes to relieve neck and back pain while restoring muscles to normal. Each size has different pressure intended to treat specific areas. 

Chirp Wheel 3 Pack Roller Review
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The first size is 4″ Focus (rigid pressure), which targets the main pressure points in the neck. It reduces headaches due to excessive tension and alleviates neck pain at the same time. 

The second size, 6″ Deep Tissue (deep pressure), works to dig deeper to untangle your toughest knots. This size is suitable for restoring your posture and relieving muscle soreness. 

If you want more pressure, use the 10″ Firm (firm pressure) to apply more tension along the spine and gently massage your muscles. This highly flexible wheel allows your back to shift sideways without cracking your backbone. 

No need to worry. It has a weight limit of up to 500 lbs. Start to sit up and align the wheel with the center of your back. Use your feet to help roll back and forth to get the ultimate massage.

Purchase now for only $84.99 from $99.99. Don’t miss this chance since the offer is valid for a limited time. 

Chirp Wheel XL Review

Need more big ones? Go with Wheel XL, which has a 10″ diameter to provide the super comfort and feel like heaven. It’s 30% extra wide and gives supreme stability without pressure on your spine. 

Chirp Wheel XL Review
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Moreover, this wheel is designed with thicker ultra-comfort padding for added comfort for highly sensitive backs and heavily strained muscles.  

Of course, it’s a simpler and more effective way to roll your spine. You only need less than 5 minutes a day to get the targeted pressure you want. 

Visit the website and get the best deals for $69.99. 

Chirp Wheel Price

Each wheel costs around $50 to $70. The bigger the size, the higher the price. It would be best to prioritize which one you want to choose according to your needs. 

If you want to save even more, go ahead with bundle packs starting from $90 to $180. Instead, you can purchase the items during special events for fantastic discounts. 

Chirp Wheel Benefits

There are several benefits of using this stretching tool, as follows:

  • Alleviate back pain through deep massage to your muscles
  • Improves bad posture
  • It fits perfectly around your shoulder blades and comes with a spinal channel
  • It’s good for lengthening your spine
  • Strengthens the core of your back

Chirp Wheel vs. Foam Roller

Some of you might ask: Is Chirp Wheel better than Foam Roller? Let’s find out the explanation below. 

Well, the Chirp Wheel+ is more effective than a regular foam roller. Thanks to its soft material, it ensures that everyone gets a pleasant roll. Plus, it’s sturdy yet light to bring for on-the-go exercise.

Another reason is this wheel’s versatility, with different sizes available to suit your back problems. It’s not just for your back. It also massages your legs and feet too. 

In terms of price, Chirp Wheel+ is more accessible for all budgets, not to mention the discounts you’ll love. 

Chirp Wheel Pros & Cons

As we dig deeper into the brand, we find some pros and cons in any aspects, including price, quality, features, and so on. 

Chirp Wheel Pros 

  • It has a sturdy design to withstand up to 500 lbs
  • It’s totally pain-free 
  • You’ll get a comfortable and soft rolling experience 
  • Available in three-wheel sizes
  • Provide Military discounts 

Chirp Wheel Cons 

  • Only ships in the continental US

Is Chirp Wheel Worth The Money?

Absolutely yes! Chirp Wheels is worth every purchase. This rolling device is designed with the back in mind to ensure everyone deserves a satisfying pain relief experience. 

Even better, all the materials are clinically tested and meet the standard regulations. It’s good to improve quality and ensure safety. 

Chirp Wheel Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

There are thousands of testimonials available from different sources for those still a bit skeptical about the quality. Here, we’ve identified some verified customer reviews from Amazon and its website. 

One happy customer felt the real benefits when using this roller as. His favorite sizes are medium and large with extra comfort, as he mentioned:

… The medium and larger wheels are great as well for a different range of stretching, but due to weight training for years, I had packed on some decent muscle size to my back …

Another customer also agrees with the benefits given, which can quickly soothe the painful area. She said:

… I tried it out as soon as I received it, and I instantly felt a difference! The tension in a lot of areas released with the popping, and I had such quick relief in areas that had been achy for quite some time …

Need more? You can find out what the expert said about the brand on this page. It will definitely clear up any doubts you’ve had about the brand. 

How To Contact Chirp Wheel

If you experience any difficulties, ask customer support for assistance. Choose one of the following contact methods: 

Or visit the press page if you have any inquiries related to the press. The team will answer your message within business hours on Mon-Fri, 9 am – 5 pm MST. 

Chirp Wheel Address

3900 Traverse Mountain Blvd.
Suite 300
Lehi, UT 84043

Chirp Wheel Warranty

To claim a warranty, fill out the warranty form. It requires the order number and the delivery address of the replacement. Also, mention the reason why you request for warranty.

Once you submit the form, expect a few moments to get a notification from the team for the following process. Talk to customer service as soon as you find any trouble. 

Where To Buy Chirp Wheel

Currently, the brand can be found easily in online or offline stores. However, we suggest you purchase directly through its website to enjoy free shipping and other benefits. 

Or, you can visit Amazon and Target and find the official store there. If you want to shop in-store, click Chirp Wheel near me to track the nearest location. 


These are some frequently asked questions while customers search for Chirp Wheel reviews. 

Is Chirp Wheel FDA Approved?

Their products have patented designs and are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as medical devices. 

Does The Chirp Wheel Pop Your Back?

It’s true. Use your Chrip at least once a day to stretch your back and see the difference. It’s much safer than twisting your back right and sideways, which will hurt it more.


With everything explained above, we think everyone should try the Chirp Wheel as an efficient treatment tool for any back and neck issues. You’ll love it, really. 

Pick your wheel size to personalize the pressure you want and soothe the painful muscle. Use it once a day regularly, and you’ll find a significant difference. Enjoy your happy body, then. 

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