MiamiMD Review

Say goodbye to wrinkles and dark spots! MiamiMD is on a mission to help your skin look younger without requiring risky surgeries or painful injections. 

MiamiMD Review
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As the name suggests, this beauty brand was inspired by the women of Miami and challenged to create a groundbreaking beauty product to nurture smooth skin texture.

Dr. Jegasothy, a founder and Cosmetic Dermatologist, conducted extensive research to determine the right formula for thousands of women. She strives to enhance women’s confidence by delivering products with deeper and longer-lasting benefits. 

Indeed, the brand has received a warm response among women. As seen from its social media, it has 46.6k+ followers on Facebook and 18.2k+ followers on Instagram. 

The question is: How effective would it be to use compared to others? Take it easy. You’re one step closer to finding out. Stay with us at MiamiMD review and get your new treatment for gorgeous skin.

Why MiamiMD?

Nowadays, there are plenty of anti-aging skincare brands that have launched, featuring a variety of formulas and ingredients they’ve developed.

It’s okay to feel daunted when figuring out which products suit your skin. That’s why we’ll give you a few reasons to add this brand to the list of your must-have skincare.

MiamiMD Highlights

  • 60-day money-back guarantee 
  • Free shipping on all orders 
  • Available in multiple selections of anti-aging skincare
  • Offers excellent customer support that is ready to help
  • Offers huge discounts & deals 
  • Responsible processes by the experts 

What's On MiamiMD

MiamiMD, an age-defying skincare brand, offers exceptional quality products with diverse item forms. It includes cream, capsules, and sticks with no unpleasant scent. 

Here are the listed products which can be purchased:

Of course, each product requires a different application for each skin type. No need to worry. This MiamiMD review will take you through some of the best-selling products, including product details, key ingredients, and how to use them. 

MiamiMD Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream Review

The first product we’re going to review is Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream. It is specifically formulated with natural and ethical cream to rejuvenate skin and restore saggy & thin skin. 

MiamiMD Age Defying Lift & Firm Cream Review
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It contains Progeline, the age-defying breakthrough in skincare. It helps to reduce the level of aging skin and increase the firmness of skin density well. 

A potent age-fighting peptide called Matrixyl 3000 is excellent for increasing the elasticity and volume of the skin. Also, this cream reduces wrinkle formation with Argireline, similar to using botox without painful discomfort.

Apply the cream gently as the last step in your skincare routine twice daily, day and night. Use a quarter-size amount and wait 3-5 min until the cream fully absorbs the skin.

It works pretty amazingly on all skin types: oily, combination, normal, dry, and sensitive skin. And it’s available in 50 mL size/pcs. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Progeline
  • Matrixyl 3000
  • Argireline

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10
8.0 8/10

MiamiMD Total Beauty Matrix Review

Next, let’s move to Total Beauty Matrix, a beauty skincare supplement to boost collagen for youthful skin. As it claims, it helps you look younger than your years. 

MiamiMD Total Beauty Matrix Review
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It contains a unique formula to support increased collagen production and reduce the appearance of aging to stay flawless at your age. Most importantly, it is suitable for all skin types and skin tones. 

What’s more, it’s filled with the right dosages of key ingredients that work well together in the body. There are 60 capsules in one bottle. Just use two capsules each morning after breakfast routine. You’ll see the difference after a month if you use it consistently. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Lysine
  • Vitamin C 
  • Biotin
  • Proprietary Mineral Complex

9.0 9/10
8.0 8/10

How Much Does MiamiMD Cost?

To achieve smooth and youthful skin isn’t going to be easier. You’re supposed to be fine with paying more for this. In this case, you need to spend around $70 on each product. 

Here’s the regular price:

  • 1 pcs: $69.00 
  • 3 pcs: $63.00/each (Save $72)
  • 6 pcs: $60.00/each (Save $162)

The price is applied for all products except Facial Cleanser. If you need extra savings, join the subscription and claim 10% off during checkout. Or use a coupon code or voucher available on the website. 

MiamiMD Pros & Cons

In this section, we’ve summarized the upside and downsides of the brand. It will be important to determine whether it’s a great deal for you. Check this out: 

MiamiMD Pros 

  • It is safe for all skin types. 
  • Has been testing at a certified 3rd party lab.
  • Offers quality natural ingredients.
  • No paraben, fragrance, cruelty, and BHA free. 
  • Expertly formulated by leading skin researchers.
  • It’s great to reduce dark spots, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, etc.

MiamiMD Cons 

  • The results will vary for each individual.
  • Only available on the official website.
  • Most people said too expensive.

Is MiamiMD Worth To Buy?

If you’re looking for anti-aging skincare suitable for any skin color and safe to use at any age, MiamiMD is your best bet. Each product has met stringent testing to ensure standard quality. 

Is MiamiMD Worth To Buy?
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Yup, we think that this company deserves all recognition. You’ll also find helpful customer support that responds quickly to your inquiries. And you can always access the website with no fuss. 

MiamiMD Customer Testimonials

The easiest way to know the quality of skincare is by looking at the reviews given by customers. Thus, the product can provide accurate results instead of just a one-sided claim.

Fortunately, we’ve found some trustworthy reviews on its website. Alright, let’s find out below: 

Starting from the first review, one buyer is pleased with the significant improvement after using Lift & Firm Cream. She strongly recommends this product for all women. 

If you are like thousands of other women who spent the hard earned money on potions and lotions “that don’t work”, feeling scammed that the claims made by these companies are void and null, then you have to try this product for sure …

Another customer also shared her happiness after taking Total Beauty Matrix. It helped strengthen her weak nails and improved her skin health. She said: 

For me the big difference is my fingernails. They were brittle and just snap off. As a Strawberry Blonde with fair skin (strong nails have always been a challenge for me), I noticed a diff after the 3rd bottle, the nails have to grow all the way out with the new product in them … 

Overall, most people agree on how well it works and gives great effects, although each person’s results cycle is different. Another plus is we couldn’t find any significant negative reviews either. Customers always leave a 5 or 4 rating. That’s good!

How To Contact MiamiMD

Contact the customer service team if you have any issues with your orders or ask for some policies you don’t understand yet. To get started, choose one of the easy methods below:

Miami MD team would be glad to hear from you. You can expect to get a response within 24 hours or up to 48 hours, depending on the busier times. 

Where To Buy MiamiMD

Currently, you can find MiamiMD products available through online stores. However, to be aware of the unauthenticity of the products, we strongly recommend you purchase only from official websites. And it’s not available on Amazon


While searching for MiamiMD reviews, some customers frequently ask the following questions. Hence, we’ve compiled the answers you need to enjoy happy shopping.

Is MiamiMD FDA-Approved?

As a legal disclaimer, all the statements provided on the website have not been evaluated by FDA (the Food and Drug Administration).

In addition, their products are not supposed to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. But, the brand has been verified on lab testing, meaning it’s safe to use. 

Does MiamiMD Work On Dark Spots?

Absolutely, yes! We suggest you try MiamiMD Dark Spot Corrector formulated to diminish dark spots and sun spots. It works on specific areas like the face, hands, chest, arms, and forehead. Yup, it is suitable for the face & hands. 

How Long Does It Take For MiamiMD To Work?

It would be best if you used it regularly, following the directions to obtain the results as claimed. Then you will see differences in the next 21 days until it takes three months for the ultimate results. 


When you hit the age of 30-40, applying anti-aging products is a must. It helps brighten and tighten the skin. You can count on age-defying products from MiamiMD that have been tested and proven effective for all skin types. 

Just like other skincare steps, use it twice in the morning after waking up and at night before bed. Combine it with a healthy lifestyle to keep balanced, and everyone will be surprised to see your gorgeous look.

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