PerfectLens Canada Review

PerfectLens Canada is the first distributor lens that has a recycling program. It is a famous brands name for contact lenses, such as Acuvue, AirOptix, Dailies, FreshLook, and many others. It offers your favorite brands of contact lenses at the most affordable prices.

PerfectLens Canada Review
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This brand also offers some lens types, such as Daily Contact Lenses, Weekly Contact Lenses, Monthly Contact Lenses, and Color Contact Lenses. They focus on creating better visual experiences for all customers.

As we know on social media, PerfectLens Canada has 4.7k+ followers on Instagram and 9.7k+ followers on Facebook. So it shows that this brand is famed widely.

To prove whether this brand is proper to try, this PerfectLens Canada review will cover the detail of the best-selling products, lens types, brands, pricing, and everything.

Why PerfectLens Canada?

There are many offerings aids for choosing the best contact lenses to accompany your activities. 

Let us tell you that PerfectLens Canada not only gives the best choice to contact lenses but also gives you advice on how to choose the perfect contact lenses for comfort your eyes.

They give satisfaction and loyalty to their customers. That’s why you can get the best shopping opportunities with this brand.


  • Free shipping on orders above $89
  • Lowest prices guaranteed
  • Get 1 point for every shopping
  • Has good reviews
  • Contact lenses color
  • Buy more and save more
  • Student price card up to 10% OFF

What's On PerfectLens Canada

We will elaborate further on product details that can be adopted. PerfectLens Canada offers some brand names and four lens types that can be alternatives for your activities necessary.

What's On PerfectLens Canada
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PerfectLens Canada Lens Type Review

Here are some reviews of PerfectLens Canada type that can be your consideration:

PerfectLens Canada Lens Type Review
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Daily Contact Lenses

It’s a disposable contact lens that doesn’t need routine maintenance. You can put it on your eyes in the morning and remove it at night, so you don’t need to clean it.

This lens is suitable for individuals with a busy lifestyle. Acuvue Moist 1 Day contact lens can be your best choice because this lens is the best-selling product of daily contact lenses.

Weekly Contact Lenses

The most prescribed contact lens today. This contact lens is used for two weeks.

These contact lenses need to be cleaned and stored in contact lens solution overnight to keep them safe and clean. Acuvue Oasis contact lens is the best-selling product of this lens type.

Monthly Contact Lenses

You can use it for one month specifically. This lens type requires special treatment. You have to clean it overnight to make this lens clean because you will use this lens for a long time.

This lens type is more economical lens than the other types of lenses. Biofinity is the best-selling product. This lens can be your consideration.

Color Contact Lenses

It offers some color variety. This contact lens can help to elevate your look and support tools for your vision and fashion requirements.

The Freshlook Colorblends is the best-selling product. This lens can be your best choice.

PerfectLens Canada Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens Review

PerfectLens Canada Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens is a weekly wear-contact lens made with hydraclear plus technology. These lenses contain 38% water & 62% Polymer that work as natural tears, so your eyes keep comfortable throughout your busy day.

PerfectLens Canada Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens Review
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If you work in front of a computer, these lenses can help you to filter blue light exposure effectively. This lens also can reduce the impact of eye stress due to exposure to dazzling light.

Based on its website, PerfetLens Canada Acuvue Oasys Contact Lens receives 4,8/5 ratings from 509 reviews. So it can be your consideration to get it. Every box contains six lenses. Purchase now for only $36.95 from $43.

PerfectLens Canada Clariti 1 Day Contact Lens Review

PerfectLens Canada Clariti 1 Day Contact Lens is a daily disposable contact lens that contains 56% water & 44% somofilcon A. This lens also uses silicone hydrogel, which enables more oxygen into your corneas than hydrogel lenses. As a result, your corneas will get the best visual experience.

PerfectLens Canada Clariti 1 Day Contact Lens Review
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As Daily Contact Lense, Clariti 1 Day contact lens has some advantages. Firstly, this lens does not need maintenance. You can throw it away after using it. These lenses are more practical than the other lens.

You don’t need to clean it daily because you will use the new one. Secondly, you don’t need to check the calendar to see the expiration date of its lens.

Surely, your eyes will be free from irritation. Switch to daily contact lenses for healthier and brighter eyes.

PerfectLens Canada Clariti 1 Day Contact Lens receives 4,8/5 ratings from 30 reviews based on its website. Every box contains thirtieth lenses. Get it only for $29.65 from $43.70.

PerfectLens Canada Pricing

PerfectLens Canada offers the best price. It costs around $25.65 to $119.40. Of course, it depends on the lens types you want to choose.

Promos and discounts:

  • Especially for new customers can receive a 15% oFF discount for every first purchase
  • For all customers can get points if they buy more
  • Get coupon codes at checkout for all orders over $89
  • Get 10% OFF who has a student card
  • Get 1 point for every shopping or refers to other customers

PerfectLens Canada Pros and Cons

As we found in the brand, there are some pros and cons in any aspects, including the price, using the lens type, and so on.

PerfectLens Canada Pros

  • You’ll get experience comfort using this contact lens
  • Easier to order
  • Lowest price
  • Provide coupon code and discount
  • You can earn points for every order or  when you refer your friends
  • Available in many types and brands

PerfectLens Canada Cons

  • Some disposable lenses can be more expensive than extended-wear lenses
  • Make dry eye to some customers

Is PerfectLens Canada Worth To Buy?

Absolutely yes! PerfectLens Canada is a brand name that offers you an affordable price with high-quality lenses. Feel the comfortable vision experience by using this lens.

PerfectLens Canada Customer Reviews

What Do Costumers think?

Here are some real testimonials that we’ve identified from Trustpilot and its official website.

PerfectLens Canada Customer Reviews
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PerfectLens Canada receives 4,6/5 ratings from 3,420 reviews based on Trustpilot.

A customer felt satisfied says with this lens, as she mentioned:

If you live in western Canada and want speedy service, Perfect Lens is the best company I have found so far to purchase all my contact lenses. Not only have I purchased prescription lenses but this company offers the widest selection of color contact lenses I have found in Canada so far. They offer at least 4 different brands of color lenses, and you can buy them at a decent price without a prescription if you just want to try a new eye color for fun.

Another customer also says that the price offering is best, as she says:

As always, quick delivery, a good price, and a great product. As one of your long-term customers, I appreciate your customer service.

One of the customers felt comfortable when using this lens. This lens doesn’t make her eyes dry, as she mentioned:

I’ve used these for years and never had any issues they don’t dry out easily and my eyes are happy. Great that I can use the contacts for 2 weeks and reduce waste by not having to use dailies!!

Well, as we can see, most of their customers are happy with the products they buy from this brand. They can easily use it, and there’s no trouble at all.

PerfectLens Canada Customer Service

How to contact PerfectLens Canada?

If you have difficulties purchasing this lens, you can ask customer service for assistance. Choose one of the alternative methods below:

  • Call: 1-888-595-7150
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST/PDT (Closed on Weekends & BC Statutory Holidays)

Where To Buy PerfectLens Canada

You can find this product easily in online or offline stores. However, we suggest you purchase directly through its official website to choose the best lens types.


As explained above, we think everyone should try PerfectLens Canada as the best choice to choose your contact lens brands. Pick your favorite brand and lens types for your look, and feel the comfortable vision experience.

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