Personalabs Review

Personalabs is a website where you can order lab tests online and personalized healthcare services conveniently from home. This site is dedicated to providing you with the fastest and easiest way of vital insight into your current health. 

Personalabs Review
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Starting in 2006, this company joined the medical industry to help Americans easily get the lab test they need. Most of them think getting tests need to visit the doctor with insurance approval first. 

The company partnered with the best-known US clinical laboratories, Quest Diagnostic and LabCorp. And provide the clients with a board-certified network of doctors to fulfilling a healthy life and safe. 

Guess what? This company already has excellent branding, as seen from the clients reaching more than 2k people. It’s also shown by its popularity on social media, with 20k+ followers on Facebook and almost 1k followers on Instagram. 

If you would like to see how good the service and its effectiveness are and whether it can be a solution to control your health, keep up with us in Personalabs review. We’ll break down the 9 points to note. 

Why Personalabs?

This independent lab testing offers a wide selection of lab tests available in more than 2300 locations within the US. Once you order the online test, this company will take care of everything until you get your results. 

What’s else? There are many reasons why you need to trust this healthcare service. Thus, we provide you with the following highlights to be considered. 

Personalabs Highlights

  • All the lab testing is confidential
  • You don’t need to visit the doctor 
  • It requires no insurance or extra paperwork
  • You’ll get fast results and ease of access
  • Provides HIPAA compliance to ensure your privacy and medical records.
  • Offers secured payment options

What's On Personalabs

Currently, over 400 lab tests and the most convenient telehealth services available on their website. It makes it easier for you to be proactive about your personal health. 

Some categories you can choose from include tests for allergies, autoimmune disorders, cancer screening, diabetes blood, digestive system blood, fertility, general health & wellness, hormone, kidney function, STD, men’s health, weight loss & fitness, etc. 

If you’re not sure where to start, Personalabs’ Healthy Selfie will help you check your current health and provide comprehensive insights. It only takes three easy steps: take a selfie, fill out the questionnaire, and get your results. 

For telehealth service, consult with the doctor provided under these conditions, such as flu, minor rashes, pink eye, allergies, tooth pain, clod & fever, sore throat, skin infections, headache, diarrhea, and many more. 

Personalabs Lab Tests Review

Generally, blood tests are conducted to detect the content of toxins, harmful substances, and certain diseases and screen for overall health conditions. 

Personalabs Lab Tests Review
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At Personalabs, all blood test transactions are processed by their partner labs with the highest standards accepted in the medical industry. In addition, advanced technology and sophisticated tools are used to ensure accurate results. 

More importantly, the website is well organized into each category, making it easy to choose. Each lab test is explained in detail on how each will work, and everything needs to be done before taking the test. 

So, it’s time for you to protect yourself from all illnesses. Get your own blood test now and wait for the results. 

How Does Personalabs Works?

In this section, we’ll show you the following step by step to begin your order,:

Lab Testing

  • Order your test: Create an account and select your test.
  • Generate and print out lab order: Your order will approve in 2-4 hours by the physician network, and up to 24 hours for lab orders. 
  • Visit the lab: Find the closest location around you (check the explanation below)
  • Get the results: It takes as little as 24 -28 hours. 

Telehealth Session

  • Create your account: Start to sign up and login.
  • Choose the doctor: Select the available doctor to meet virtually.
  • Select a date & time: Schedule your meeting and consultation.
  • Connect with the doctor: Join from your gadget and get ready for your appointment.

See, how simple is it?

Personalabs Near Me

Let’s find the blood test labs near you! As a disclaimer, this lab test cannot be ordered at certain lab locations such as New York, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. 

Personalabs Near Me
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To get started, enter your zip code on the Location page to browse the near location. Then select your preferred lab option, either Quest Diagnostics or Labcorp. 

If you can’t find the nearest location and are unable to see the test on this website, feel free to contact the customer service team. You can jump into our contact section. 

Personalabs Pricing

As the company claims, medical testing and treatments are charged at a low cost to reach all budgets. Hence, price is not an excuse not to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Each lab test has a different price according to your chosen lab provider. For sure, LabCorp is more expensive compared to Quest. If you select Quest, the lowest price is around $62, and LabCorp costs over $100

Is there any discount or voucher? Sure. You can use the coupon code available on the website to save up to 30% on selected blood tests. 

Is Personalabs Legit?

Personalabs is one of the most impactful healthcare companies we’ve reviewed. It provides an online lab testing service with a wide range of reliable lab tests location that can be accessed from home. 

No need to worry. Personalabs is a legit website that has received CLIA-certified labs and HIPPA complaints. Indeed, this is your best solution to get your lab test results fast without a doctor visit or lab requisition. 

Personalabs Pros & Cons

In addition to understanding how the website works, you should know the two opposing sides to help you compare some aspects before deciding to order. 

Personalabs Pros 

  • Offers a wide range of blood tests available the nationwide
  • Partnered with the best-known lab provider
  • You’ll get doctor oversight on all lab results
  • HSA/FSA Approved
  • Security system on your account
  • Offers some discounts or promotions
  • Each lab test has an affordable price 
  • Excellent customer support team to help

Personalabs Cons

  • Only available in the United States

Is Personalabs Worth To Buy?

It’s not hard to say that Personalabs is definitely one of the best lab tests at home with affordable prices and fast service. 

At this site, you’ll find the flexible options for every needs to a healthier lifestyle. All blood tests have been reviewed by a board-certified physician for its safeguard and credibility. 

Honestly, we find it extremely helpful, thanks to this website. It saves us the hassle of going to the doctor and waiting in line to get tested. So, yeah! It’s absolutely worth.

Personalabs Customer Reviews

If you’re in doubt about what we reviewed above, here we provide testimonials from real customers for a smart purchase decision. 

As we found on the website, Personalabs has 4.8/5 star ratings among 2691 reviews. Most customers shared positive feedback on its excellent service and its simple process. As said by one of the customers below:

This is a life saver for me as I’m a Canadian snowbird and need a monthly blood test to check my levels. The process is so simple and I expensive and I couldn’t make my winter trip without it

Similarly, one customer shared her satisfaction with the service provided. She said:

Easy to navigate. Response for approval was fast. I appreciate that the service is available in a wide variety of tests.

Another buyer experienced how convenient the online lab test was in finding the nearest location to his home. As he said:

Website was easy to use. The labs that were vetoed right away. There’s also to locations close to my house. Would definitely recommend to others!

Well, the testimonies above show that many have proven the effectiveness and ease of service available. Overall, this website is very convenient for direct-to-customer healthcare services. 

How To Contact Personalabs

Personalabs provides excellent helpful support when you need it. If you find any trouble with the service or anything else, you can immediately ask the customer service agents to help you along the way. 

Here are the following contact methods to connect with them:

Personalabs Address

2215 Winkler Ave Suite I
Fort Myers, FL 33901

Personalabs Refund Policy

Lucky you, Personalabs offers a 7-day cancellation policy for your lab order. It starts on the date of purchase. In this case, you will receive a refund in line with the terms and conditions. 

Please don’t expect a full refund, as it will be reduced to cover the $15 doctor’s order and your request’s processing cost. You’ll receive a refund on your payment once they’ve successfully processed it. 

Any unused lab orders within the 6-month expiration date will be removed from the system. You will be charged $15 if you request a lab order to be reinstated. 

Where To Order Personalabs

You can access it easily through the official website to guarantee exceptional services. Also, your purchase will be more exciting with some exclusive deals there. 


Here are the following Frequently Asked Questions you need as you search Personalabs reviews. Check it out now!

Is Personalabs FDA-Approved?

As we looked for more information through the website, we found that their lab tests have been authorized or approved by the FDA. This means everything is guaranteed and secure.

Does Personalabs Offer Lab Testing On Animals?

Currently, they offer lab testing only on a human since their lab partner can’t accept any non-human specimens. 


If you’re planning to get a blood test, you can order the test through Personalabs, which has proven effective and reliable. It’s the perfect solution for those looking for a quick lab test without going to the doctor first. 

The process is also fast. It only takes about 24-28 hours, according to what type of test you order. So what are you waiting for? Check now and find lab locations near you. 

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