About MDhair

Do you have hair problems and have tried different products but have yet to find significant results? Relax; MDhair is here to solve all your problems.

About MDhair
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MDhair is a specialized hair growth treatment brand. The brand uses AI algorithms and painless quizzes to determine your unique stage of hair loss.

The brand can suggest a personalized treatment plan by knowing the true condition of your scalp and hair through the test results. It lets you know which ingredients will not work with your hair.

In addition, the brand offers a complete line of supplements, serums, and shampoos developed by dermatologists. They blend FDA-approved ingredients with nutrient-rich botanicals. As a result, the brand is confident in its ability to promise real and fast results.

How noticeable and fast is the process? Well, the fact that the brand has been featured on several major press media such as FOX, NBC, Healthline, and Yahoo! should give you a clue, but there’s only one way to be sure.

So read this MDhair review before you buy and try it for yourself. Here we will tell you everything you need to know about the brand, its products, ingredients, formula, and more.

We’ll also cover reviews, promotions, and frequently asked questions so you can shop confidently. Ready to start? Let’s grow!

Why MDhair?

Usually, a person loses 75-100 hair strands in a day. However, if the number of hair falls is more than 100 strands, there may be some other causes of hair loss.

This is where MDhair becomes beneficial. Their products are claimed to be able to regrow hair and restore it in an “easier, faster, and more effective way than anything you’ve tried before” (MDhair’s main mission).

MDhair Highlights

  • All-in-one packet— effective, affordable, and convenient.
  • It’s sustainable and made from botanical ingredients.
  • All products are science-based.
  • Products are customized in accordance with your hair conditions.
  • 14.5K followers on Instagram and 4.2K like on Facebook.
  • Based on a 4.81-star rating and featured in Cosmopolitan, NBC, FOX, yahoo, etc.

What’s on MDhair

Many people want instant and fast hair growth. Hair will regrow, but the roots aren’t strong enough. So, in this situation, normally, the hair will continue to fall out again when you stop the treatment.

For this reason, MDhair hair treatment products are an FDA-approved topical patented brand known for hair regrowth in men and women.

This brand also uses DHT (hormones) blocking agents (minoxidil, argan oil, aloe vera, reishi mushrooms, tea tree oil, saw palmetto, nettle leaf extract, caffeine, and the Chinese he shou wu) to help treat hair loss and help them grow thicker and healthier.

This brand also uses a “4-Layer Regrowth Technology” in their treatments, which products include:

  • Scalp treatment— Hair Care Serum
  • Hair shaft treatment— Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Hair supplements— Hair Wellness Supplements
  • Hair health peptides— Marine Collagen and Peptide Bond Repair Oil.

MDhair Products

In this MDhair review, we’ll specifically discuss in more depth their “trial kit” that works wonders just to start you off.

Find out more down below, 3 products that your hair needs exclusively to regrow in the healthiest way.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Shampoo Review

MDhair Customized Hair Care Shampoo nourishes the scalp to boost new hair growth and prevent future hair loss. It moisturizes with plant proteins and revitalizes the hair follicles from extreme environmental pollution.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Shampoo Review
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facebook.com/mdhair.co https://facebook.com/mdhair.co

This shampoo has 2 key variations, namely:

  • Regrowth Shampoo— made from 20 active dermatologist-formulated plant ingredients (phytoactives).
  • Restore Shampoo— a volumized keratin-based shampoo made from DHT-blocking agents.

Each variation will cost you only $22. Start your trial kit today and save 60%. Over 100,000 customers share their successful hair stories online.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Serum Review

The MDhair Customized Hair Care Serum has active substances and natural ingredients claimed to be effective in nourishing the scalp so that it stays healthy and strong.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Serum Review
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facebook.com/mdhair.co https://facebook.com/mdhair.co

The benefits of this serum are to stimulate new hair growth naturally, thicken hair roots, nourish the scalp, and much more.

This serum has 4 key variations, namely:

  • Minoxidil 2%— safe ingredients to treat women’s hair loss.
  • Minoxidil 5%— safe ingredients to treat men’s hair loss.
  • Regrowth Serum— dermatologically tested with Centella Asiatica (a good source of antioxidants).
  • Restore Serum— uses DHT blockers.

For prices, both regrowth and restore serum are $44 each, and for the Minoxidil 2% and 5% are $24 each.

If you’re confused about choosing which serum is best for your hair needs, take the free online quiz to ease you.

MDhair Customized Hair Wellness Supplements Review

Shampoo, hair serum, or changing your diet isn’t helpful enough to regrow your hair. You’ll also need to take hair growth supplements. The Customized Hair Wellness Supplements will help improve your hair health from the inside.

MDhair Customized Hair Wellness Supplements Review
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facebook.com/mdhair.co https://facebook.com/mdhair.co

This hair supplement has 2 key variations, namely:

Order your supplements today for $42. Be “hair confident” and save up to 60%. You can also ask an expert online for specific questions.

MDhair Pricing

How Much Does MDhair Cost?

Aside from its superior ingredients and AI support, you can be happy that the brand sells its products at relatively affordable prices.

To shop for individual products, you can start from $18 to $58. On top of that, you can also get your hair analyzed and free trial treatment kits straight to your door.

Moreover, the brand wants you always to have a pleasant shopping experience. Hence, they often organize discounts on some seasons or holidays.

For example, during the SPRING season, they hold discounts of up to 60% OFF on your cart. Also, don’t forget to sign up as a member and login to take advantage of several other exciting promotions.

MDhair Pros and Cons

When it comes to discussing the MDhair review, it wouldn’t be complete only looking at the good side. With no further ado, what are this brand’s pros and cons?


  • The hair quiz is helpful
  • No side effects
  • Offers a range of products for all types of hair needs
  • Offers free shipping


  • Pricing plans are subject to change. Not enough information in regard to pricing plans for subscribing or taking the kit

Is MDhair Legit?

Yes, MDhair is legit. They are FDA approved and clinically tested according to the American Academy of Dermatology for hair and scalp treatments. Hence, they have over 100,000 satisfied customers who see results within weeks.

MDhair vs Nutrafol

When it comes to hair growth, both MDhair and Nutrafol are clinically effective for promoting hair growth that appears thicker and stronger.

If you have to choose between MDhair vs. Nutrafol, which one is better? No worries, we’ll have it covered:

  • FDA approval— MDhair is FDA approved, while Nutrafol is not.
  • A complete packet of hair care routines & supplements— MDhair offers all of them.
  • Price option— MDhair is more affordable.
  • Customized products— MDhair has customized formulas according to any of your hair needs. While Nutrafol only offers quality supplements.
  • 24/7 customer support— MDhair has a 24-hour support system from a team of dermatologists to answer all your questions. Nutrafol doesn’t have this kind of support.

MDhair Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

This MDHair review will be complete with customer feedback, so you can see the quality of the brand’s products. In addition, the brand’s website features real customer testimonials, with some before and after photos included. So, let’s take a look!

MDhair Customer Reviews
Image credit: facebook.com/mdhair.co
facebook.com/mdhair.co https://facebook.com/mdhair.co

Regarding the 3 Hair Custom Kit products above, they have a rating of 4.8/5 stars from 141 reviews. In addition, one customer provided before and after photos of using the Hair Custom Kit package for 3 months. He said:

I’ve been using the 4 Hair Custom kits for about 3 months now. You can notice some of the fillers here in a recent picture. My hair quality has also improved. Some new baby hairs in my hairline are popping up. I can’t wait to reach that 1-year mark and see the before/after!….

Next, a lady expressed her satisfaction with the brand’s Hair Kit. She said the product is very effective. This happy customer said:

I like this company because the products are very effective. By following the instructions, you will see a great improvement in your hair thinning/loss. Furthermore, you will see a lot of improvements coming quickly…

Agaian, we found customer feedback who is satisfied with the product formula and its performance. This customer left a short review, namely:

Overall an awesome product! I’m already seeing great results after using the shampoo and supplements!!

Other than the 3 customers above, most of the other customers also gave almost the same feedback: praising the effectiveness and tangible results of using the brand’s Hair Custom Kit. It’s no wonder, then, that this product is highly rated thanks to its quality and performance.

Is MDhair Worth It?

After going through the entire brand, best-selling products, prices, and customer feedback, we were fascinated by this brand. Not only does the brand provide a wide range of hair care products, but it also has AI that can help create personalized treatments.

Is MDhair Worth It?
Image credit: facebook.com/mdhair.co
facebook.com/mdhair.co https://facebook.com/mdhair.co

What else is there to love? The fact that anyone can get a discounted trial kit that ships worldwide! And you’ll surely rave about how their products are vegan, cruelty-free, and of course, FDA-developed and approved. In a nutshell? Yes, MDhair is worth spending on!

MDhair Customer Service

How To Contact MDhair

Refrain from drowning in questions! Instead, please address your questions regarding the product or its use to the brand’s customer care team. Here are some ways you can reach out to them:

Where To Buy MDhair

Currently, you can buy the brand’s individual treatments and systems only from its official website. We have found some products on Amazon and Walmart that look similar but are different brands with almost the same name.

You will need to shop directly with the brand online, as MDhair uses AI algorithms to personalize your treatment.


Some questions that you may concern

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about MDhair Review.

Is MDhair FDA approved?

Definitely! MDhair combines FDA-approved medications with over 50 dermatologist-formulated botanicals, probiotics, adaptogens, and marine and plant peptides. On top of that, they are also vegan, cruelty- and fragrance-free, and safe for color-treated hair.

Does MDhair really work?

Yes, they really work. Just by visiting the customer testimonials on their official website, you can find that many customers have praised the product’s effectiveness and before and after photos. Thus, we are confident to say that MDhair products can be beneficial for hair growth.

How long does it take for MDhair to work?

You can see results within 2 months with twice-daily use. However, the amount of hair regrowth varies from person to person.


Most hair growth products offer multiple benefits. Ranging from treating hair loss effectively to nourishing the roots. However, don’t just choose any hair growth products without reviewing them.

In the MDhair review above, it has been explained how to get the maximum benefits. So, now you just have to give it a try, and it’s worth buying. Thus, no more thin hair, here comes thick hair!

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