Inspired Nutraceuticals Review

Inspired Nutraceuticals introduced sports supplements through a series of research. It was in 2014 when the founders decided to launch supplements that meet the needs of common athletes or anyone who needs the right supplement. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Review
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Chris Waldrum, the owner, wanted to provide the best. His inspiration from Huntington Beach, California, resulted in incredible products you must consume. After years of research, the founders were certain to launch this product for athletes to enjoy.

This premium supplement is made with such avant-garde technology in a well-equipped factory in the United States. The products ensure that buyers get the proper dosage of supplements. 

Even though you can’t see it in the publication media, the company grows well. As a result, 25.5K followers gather together on Instagram and 4.3K others on Facebook.

Let’s dig deeper into this Inspired Nutraceuticals review to know more about the products and efficacies. So without further ado, let’s jump right into the next section! 

Why Inspired Nutraceuticals?

We can count on this product thanks to its high-quality ingredients that are blended perfectly to meet the human body’s needs. In addition, Inspired Nutraceuticals is trustworthy because those founders applied product-over-profit.

Why Inspired Nutraceuticals?
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Founders only launch products that they trust to take themselves. They want buyers to feel as healthy as they are. For sure, this company consists of trustworthy team members. They are athletes from various fitness spectrums.

Moreover, powerlifters, bodybuilders, and athletes contribute well to the best improvement for Inspired Nutraceuticals. Indeed, only reputable sportspeople trust this company for their daily supplements.  

What's on Inspired Nutraceuticals

This company offers more than just supplements; we can find merchandise and stacks. But of course, the best-selling products are supplements.

What's on Inspired Nutraceuticals
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Besides sports supplements, there are also probiotics and collagen, pasture-fed isolate, serum, pump stick, and many more. Customers look at several products the most at Greens, Ember, Multi the Multivitamin, CR3, Amino, and Protein reviews.

But, in this Inspired Nutraceuticals review, we can check out some of the best-selling products that have been the main option among world-class athletes. Those products include: 

Then, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Inspired Nutraceuticals FSU Dyehard Non-Stim Pump Pre-Workout Reviews

This supplement is perfect for those who want to get massive pumps for their workout. FSU Pump is the best supplement to increase power significantly. What’s more, it can help the recovery of the muscle in the fastest way. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals FSU Dyehard Non-Stim Pump Pre-Workout Reviews
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FSU Dyehard has become the best innovation evolution in terms of pre-workout non-stimulant pumps. FSU Dyehard offers great 3D PUMP Breakthrough, NO3-T Nitrates, NutriGP Glycerophosphates, doses.

Other ingredients also support athletes to increase their muscle pumps while giving recovery for the muscle as well. As a result, FSU Dyehard can also enhance athletes’ performance.

Furthermore, it is safe for vegans, and it contains no artificial colours included. Nutra FSU doesn’t contain WADA-banned substances, so we can be sure that this product is safe and promotes no side effects. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND - Plant-Based Anabolic Reviews

LGND – Plant-Based Anabolic is good for those who want to burn fat. We can try this supplement when we are about to reduce our weight by taking beginners’ workouts.

Inspired Nutraceuticals LGND - Plant-Based Anabolic Reviews
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The effect of fat burning by this supplement is very significant, and users find this satisfying.  Basically, LGND can also balance hormones. It is formulated plainly with ingredients that are patented.

Those ingredients are blended with such a method, not only for increased performance but also forming strength as well as endurance. Don’t worry, all ingredients are safe and organic, so it is safe for all genders. 

Moreover, LGND has a newly improved formula containing pure herbals like horny goat weed extract and long jack extract. Now, they are also mixed with the patented PurpleForce Purple Tea Extract. They are safe to consume and can boost mood, which results in better energy. 

This supplement is perfect for those who aim for cardiovascular health. Also, every package is for 30 servings. It is safe for vegans and doesn’t contain dyes or colors. It doesn’t have WADA-banned substances either, so it is truly safe.

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Global Pre-Workout Reviews

What is DVST8?

DVST8 Global Pre-Workout is actually the most popular supplement from Inspired Nutraceuticals. The use of 3D PUMP Breakthrough technology is the first time in the history of pre-workout.

Inspired Nutraceuticals DVST8 Global Pre-Workout Reviews
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What can be more special than that? The formula doesn’t only increase strength and energy. But it allows us to focus more on our daily activities. 

The special formula is blended perfectly with several other ingredients that no other supplements have. Other special formulas include CoLEAN, NO-3T nitrates, and Peak O2 adaptogenic mushrooms. There is no doubt that this product is very good for us who are focusing on significant muscle pumps. 

DVST8 Global also contains several substances for boosting cognitive function, like L-tyrosine. This non-essential amino acid can also reduce anxiety while improving mood at the same time. Another substance that supports mood improvement is Caffeine Anhydrous, which also contributes to delayed exhaustion. 

Still, doubt that this product is safe. DVST8 BBD also contains a bitter orange extract that is patented as SYNapsis. It is the best substance for improving athletic performance. Another patented substance is Dynamine, the extract purine alkaloid of kucha tea leaf.

All of those substances work similarly to caffeine in that they can enhance productivity and boost energy. The difference is that it contains no jitter. 

DVST8 Global also contains Theobromine as the extract cacao plant. It has similar caffeine stimulant qualities with milder effects yet still last longer. It can also increase airflow to the lungs and work as a bronchodilator naturally.

DVST8 Global replaces DVST8 Worldwide, which is no longer available. This replacement is excellent news for every athlete who enjoys the benefits of DVST8 Worldwide. They get better results when they consume DVST8 Global. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Pricing

After reading the supplement greens review, you must be curious about the product’s price. Luckily, they price affordable, and you can buy them for the whole month. Below is the price classification. 

Product Price
FSU Pump $49.99
LGND – Plant-Based Anabolic $69.99
DVST8 Global  $49.99 

Don’t forget to join the VIP Text Club for a 15% discount code. So, start shopping now! 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Pros & Cons

Before going deeper, look at the pros and cons of this company. Here they are:


  • All supplements contain safe and purely organic formulas
  • Continuous improvements on ingredients for every product to meet the best health standard that athletes need
  • All products don’t have WADA-banned substances
  • It doesn’t only produce health supplements but also stacks of merchandise, gift card, and samples
  • Supplements vary from pre-workout and optimal wellness


  • The product doesn’t ship to Japan

Inspired Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews

As you know, the testimonial is important to see how people react. Therefore, this section will focus on ratings and testimonials from customers. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Customer Reviews
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Look at these ratings first from the abovementioned supplements:

Meanwhile, a satisfied customer said:

It is the best non-stim I have ever consume. It has amazing flavor, crazy pumps, and terrific endurance!

This customer finds FSU the best because it has incredible flavor. In addition, it pumps her energy a lot which results in great endurance. 

Another customer said:

The best supplement for muscle growth and I have more power in my lifts! I refuse to workout without this! Definitely recommend to try this out. You won’t regret it.

This customer stated that LGND is the best to support muscle growth. Furthermore, she gets more power during the workout. 

In short, Inspired Nutraceuticals performs excellently in providing functional supplements for all customers. Thus, they are satisfied with the results and give high stars for the effects. 

Is Inspired Nutraceuticals Worth It?

Supplements from this company are impressive. Indeed, Inspired Nutraceuticals is worth buying since it creates vegan products for all athletes. 

Is Inspired Nutraceuticals Worth It?
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In addition, it is careful while producing the supplements. The team ensures that the functional one won’t hurt your body. 

You may also get a free shipping fee for orders over $75. Thus, let’s get the deals and work out more to burn more calories! 

Where to Buy Inspired Nutraceuticals

Customers interested in purchasing this company’s product may visit the official website or marketplace. Inspired Nutraceuticals is available on Amazon. 

In addition, it ships internationally, even to Australia. US orders of $75+ may also receive free shipping. So if you want to boost your performance, let’s purchase the product before the stock runs out! 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Customer Service

You may find a problem or can’t choose the product you need. If you experience it, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance from customer service in these ways: 

Commonly, the team will respond to your email within 24 hours. But if you need to meet the crew face-to-face, please visit them at the following address. 

Inspired Nutraceuticals Inc.
9627 E. 153rd Street
Noblesville, IN 46060


Dig deeper on Inspired Nutraceuticals

As a customer, you may have more questions about the products. Then, take a closer look on the following section for more insights! 

Who is the owner of Inspired Nutraceuticals?

Chris Waldrum is the owner of this supplement company. 

What are the ingredients in DVST8 Global?

The product features CoLEAN, NO-3T nitrates, Caffeine Anhydrous, and Peak O2 adaptogenic mushrooms.

How much caffeine in DVST8?

Each serving of this supplement contains 375 mg of caffeine. 


Inspired Nutraceuticals should be our main option for health supplements. We need more than just common sports supplements.

By consuming any of the supplements from Inspired Nutraceuticals, we get pumped muscles at their best, while we can also enjoy fast recovery. So, let’s purchase your preferred supplement based on your needs now! 

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