SuperMush Reviews

Fungi have been long enough to help our bodies and mental health. However, don’t know when we started putting them out of our diet. Thus, this brand is hatched to bring fungi wellness into our life.

SuperMush Reviews
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SuperMush was founded by two co-founders, Brian Friedman and Alli Schaper. From its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, it starts to rebrand Mushroom into something innovative and beneficial.

So, they dig the true benefit of non-psychedelic and functional mushrooms for our mind and body health. Then, the unique and convenient mushroom superfood spray was born to help our healing experience.

With authentic and convenient products, this brand has grabbed the modern generation’s needs. As a result, the company has over 52.9K followers on Instagram and 3K on Facebook. Even more, it’s also loved by RollingStone, Herb, Bloomberg, and POPSUGAR.

Regardless, you should be very cautious when investing in your health. Hence, read our SuperMush review to learn more about this brand, from the product reviews to the current perks!

Why SuperMush?

Looking for a healthy solution that is convenient and fits your face-pacing life? Then it’s the main reason you can try SuperMush. This brand offers an easy-to-consume product that contains functional mushrooms and superfoods.

In addition, all ingredients are chosen from the highest quality natural ingredients. It’s worth mentioning that it is non-psychedelic, so it won’t get you high. Also, The travel-friendly mouth spray design gives it the fastest absorption to feel the magic.

The formulation has multiple benefits that meet your needs, whether flow, creativity, immunity, energy, or chill. What’s more, this brand also provides free shipping and a 30-day return policy to maximize your satisfaction. 

What's On SuperMush?

As mentioned before, this brand offers on-the-go daily mouth sprays formulated from functional mushrooms and superfoods. So instead of eating mushrooms, you can store the spray in your bag and simply spray it on your mouth.

The spray will be formulated from highly beneficial mushrooms like reishi, cordyceps, lion’s mane, and turkey tail. These medicinal mushrooms are essential for the immune system and healthy gut flora and boost your well-being from energy to sleep.

Its robust formulation of natural ingredients makes its products truly organic, low sugar, low calorie, fast-acting, and tasty. Although starting with only offering mouth spray, it keeps expanding its collection with mints and mouth spray.

SuperMush Collection

  • Mints: Daily Flow Focus Supplemints, Daily Creativity Connection Supplemints, etc
  • Mouth Spray: Daily Mini Mouth Spray Bundle, Daily Energy Mouth Spray, etc
  • Merch: Superbum Bag, Liveincolor Long Sleeve, Shorts, Tiedye Hoodie, etc.

This brand revolutionizes healthy edibles and shows a new way to stay healthy. But is the quality excellent? Let’s see the detailed testimonial in the SuperMush review section below!

SuperMush Energy Spray Reviews

Daily Energy Mouth Spray

Always feel like you lack energy? Then you can get this SuperMush Daily Energy Mouth Spray to boost energy to get through the day. Also, it can be an alternative to replace the coffee habit.

SuperMush Energy Spray Reviews
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Additionally, this mouth spray uses the formulation of fungi cordyceps and lion’s mane. It also combines with other relaxing and fragrance ingredients, acting as a natural sweetener. For instance, Rhodiola, Orange Peel, Green Tea, Elderflower, Vanilla, Monk Fruit, and Honey.

What we like about this spray is the pleasant fragrance of candied tangelo, honeysuckle, and underripe pear. Meanwhile, you’ll state the tart explosion of citrus that’ll melt into sot juicy orange peels on the pallet.

You can spray it 4 times on your tongue and swallow it in the morning and throughout the day as you want. Thus, stay energized for optimal daily performance with this Daily Energy Mouth Spray at $27!

9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

SuperMush Daily Chill Mouth Spray Reviews

Daily Chill Mouth Spray

If the previous products allow you to energize, the SuperMush Daily Chill Mouth Spray will help you slow down. It contains the queen of mushrooms, reishi. So it’ll give you the relaxation that fell like dancing in the moonlight.

SuperMush Daily Chill Mouth Spray Reviews
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Aside from reishi, it uses ashwagandha and lion’s mane to promote mental function and relieve stress. It uses lavender, lemon, monk fruit, and honey for a relaxing aroma and pleasant taste. Still, the flavor may be slightly more bitter than another spray.

When you spray this on your tongue, you’ll smell the aroma of blueberry, black licorice, and cassis. Meanwhile, you’ll taste the dried lavender, dark ripe fruit, star anise, and bitter herbs on your taste buds.

This product will work best to be consumed in the evening for relaxation. But you can use it for the day when you need to feel calm, reset, unwind, and relax. For instance, when you are on the verge of rage due to work. So, get your daily dose of mushrooms for relaxation for only $27!

8.0 8/10
9.0 9/10
6.0 6/10

SuperMush Mint Reviews

Daily Flow Focus Supplemints

Prefer to have candy in your mouth? The SuperMush Daily Flow Focus Supplemints is like a supplement but has a twist of peppermint candy. Moreover, it’s formulated to stimulate your brain and cruise into a flow state.

SuperMush Mint Reviews
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Additionally, these SuperMush mints are powerhouse packed with Reishi, Lion’s Mane, and Bacopa. These ingredients will clear the brain fog and focus your mind. Furthermore, it is also infused with other beneficial ingredients like spirulina, dates, Rhodiola, and others.

If you like minty fresh notes, you’ll enjoy the fresh snow and peppermint on the nose. Meanwhile, for the taste, it’ll melt down into herbaceous sweet tea from natural flavors and sweeteners.

To consume it, you can dissolve 1-2 mushroom mints in your mouth when you need a focus booster. So, maintain your focus and clear your fog with sweet peppermint candy at $18!

7.0 7/10
9.0 9/10
9.0 9/10

SuperMush Merch Reviews

Superblue Tie Dye Hoodie

Here it’s the best-selling SuperMush merchandise, Superblue Tie Dye Hoodie. It’s a beautiful hoodie made of custom dyed 10 oz of 80% cotton and 20% polyester.

SuperMush Merch Reviews
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The material is cozy, warm, and soft, great for chilling out, working out, and any occasion. Furthermore, the cute print and blue tie-dye in the white fabric make it effortlessly beautiful.

With a stunning design, this hoodie will never go wrong, whether combined with shorts or pants. Note that the fit is run small, so if you want a baggier fit, it’s better to size up.

Besides, it’s unisex and suitable for any gender with sizes S-3XL. Thus, show your SuperMush spirit with this timeless hoodie at $107!

SuperMush Customer Reviews

What Do Customers Think?

Breaking down the customer testimonials is vital to see their experience. So here we’ll help you to scour the customer experience. Before that, consider the reviews and rating data below:

SuperMush Customer Reviews
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  • Daily Energy Mouth Spray gets a 4.5 out of 5 rating from 64 reviews
  • Daily Chill Mouth Spray obtains a 4.6 out of 5 rating based on 43 reviews
  • Daily Immunity Mouth Spray receives a 4.5 out of 5 rating based on 15 reviews

According to the stats above, nearly all customers are delighted with the products. But almost doesn’t mean all, so let’s see the customer opinion in SuperMush reviews below:

It’s extremely interesting. I discovered that if I use this at work when I’m close to having a mental breakdown or very angry at a customer, I can spray Daily Chill, and it calms me down. It’s magic. It is subtle, but I feel the difference…Personally, I think that this one has the best flavor of the three…

Aside from the positive statement, we especially choose one negative review to see the customer issues. Here is one of them:

I do love this SuperMush spray to use throughout the workday. Totally sustainable energy without the jitters and nutritional drain on the body! Only 4 stars because the pump on the spray is broken.

Most customers love the effectiveness, convenience, and taste. Many customers like the product due to the fast effect after a few minutes. Whilst the complaint is only about the broke spray pump or nozzle.

Is SuperMush Worth It?

SuperMush mushroom supplements are worth investing in if you want a healthier mind and body in a fast pacing world. Its products offer the convenience of consuming mushrooms and superfoods made of organic ingredients.

Is SuperMush Worth It?
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All formulations are scientifically backed to ensure the effective benefit. In addition, it tastes excellent and fast acts that allow you to feel the effect in just minutes. So with safe and organic formulation, fast absorption, and travel-friendly design, it’s a new way to consume supplements.

SuperMush Pros And Cons

Checking all information gathered in our SuperMush review is important to decide. Thus, to make it easier for you to point out this brand’s downsides and strengths, check the pros and cons below:


  • Made of the highest organic ingredients
  • travel-friendly design and convenient
  • No jitters and won’t make you high
  • Fast acting and highly effective
  • Low sugar and low calories
  • Free shipping
  • 30 days return policy
  • Extremely positive reviews


  • Some customers complained about a broken spray bottle.

SuperMush Price

The price of SuperMush varies depending on the products. Basically, the mouth spray cost $27, and the mints cost $27. Meanwhile, the bundle ranges from $40 to $156, and merch ranges from $12 to $156.

The pricing is relatively reasonable with the high benefit and potent products. What’s more, this brand also offers several savings. Below are the current perks that you should harness:

  • Save more on bundle collection
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Obtain $30 off by referring a friend
  • Join loyalty member to earn rewards
  • Up to 10% off by purchasing a monthly subscription
  • Get up to 20% off discount code by joining the email list

SuperMush Customer Service

How To Contact SuperMush?

Before purchasing a product, you may have a line of questions lingering in your mind. So, contact its customer service available at the contact information below:

Headquarters Address

4210 Via Marina
Marina del Rey, CA
United States, California

Where To Buy

Those who want to harness the benefit of superfood spray can visit its official website at Besides, its collection is also available on Amazon, Walmart, and other online retailers.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still curious about this brand, check the FAQs below related to the SuperMush review.

What is a SuperMush?

It’s a daily mouth spray that combines beneficial mushrooms and superfoods.

Will SuperMush get you high?

Since it doesn’t contain psychoactive, SuperMush won’t get you high.

Who is the CEO of SuperMush?

The current CEO is Alli Schaper, who is also the co-founder.

Is SuperMush psychedelic?

It’s not a mushroom spray psychedelic. Instead, it only uses functional mushrooms as the main ingredients.

Yes, it’s an entirely legal mushroom mouth spray and supplements.


To summarize our SuperMush review, this brand is an innovative solution for modern people who demand new ways of consuming supplements. Its products deliver instant consumption that is suitable for this era’s lifestyle.

In addition, it is made of natural ingredients with high benefits for mental and body health. So, you can get extra energy or calm in your busy life. Thus, enjoy a spray of the comprehensive benefit of mushrooms by exploring SuperMush!

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