Mushroom Revival Review

Mushroom Revival is a revolutionary health supplement that brings a significant impact on a person’s health. Made of pure mushroom, all supplements here are USDA-certified organic.

Mushroom Revival Review
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Alex Dorr founded Mushroom Revival Inc in 2018, aiming the mushroom’s functions to revive human health. In addition, the products are purely vegan, so they can bring maximum impact on the body’s health.

Products include Calm Reishi for helping us to have a quality sleep, Mushroom Capsules for a health reviver, Energy Cordyceps Tincture for athletes who want to have better stamina naturally, and so forth.

All in all, Mushroom Revival offers everything that all human beings need. You may even get new insights concerning the mushroom’s function on the blog site and podcasts. Alex Dorr and his lover, Lera Niemack, host the talk. 

Furthermore, presses are fascinated by this company, allowing you to see it on Rolling Stone, Medium, Outside, etc. Also, loyal customers are gathering together as much as 49.6K on Instagram and 13K on Facebook.

Since the company is interesting, you can stay tuned to this Mushroom Revival review to know more about the products. Well, let’s get started! 

Why Mushroom Revival?

The founders were having a great mission of reviving health with purposeful mushrooms. Human beings need to feel their best self.

Why Mushroom Revival?
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Just like how ancient people were consuming only healthy, organic produce to maintain their health, modern people deserve the same thing. It is the main idea for launching Mushroom Revival.

Fungi’s revitalizing properties can support both mental and physical health. A healthy lifestyle can be obtained through the power of mushrooms. 

This brand has its own tree for each product sold. There have been more than 53 thousand trees worldwide.

The reason why Mushroom Revival founders have been planting trees is that trees and fungi maintain such a perfect relationship that has occurred since prehistoric. 

This symbiotic characteristic is hard to believe. In addition, the networks of underground fungi can help connect the roots to the majority of plants and terrestrial trees on Earth. The fungi contribute to facilitating nutrient uptake for the trees. 

Trees, in return, give sustainable sugars to fungi as roots don’t need them. The connected fungi to tree roots can hold about 70% of carbon within the soil. They are essential for us to fight against the extreme climate change that occurs nowadays. 

Founders guarantee Mushroom Revival products are 100% USDA organic. All products are not exposed to any kind of pesticides, insecticides, and any other chemical substances.

What's on Mushroom Revival

Products from Mushroom Revival vary from bundles, capsules, tinctures, powders, and gummies. All of them ensure we feel well and fresh.

What's on Mushroom Revival
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We can restore our health by consuming any of these products. In addition, we can enjoy the best functional mushroom effects to support our health. 

Furthermore, this Mushroom Revival review will introduce us to some best-selling products that support our health through deep sleeping and easy-to-focus supplements. They include:

Thus, get prepared and start reading now! 

Mushroom Revival Daily 10 Mushroom Blend Powder Review

This Daily 10 Mushroom Blend Powder extract in the form of powder can become the best non-psychoactive supplement for our health.  

Mushroom Revival Daily 10 Mushroom Blend Powder Review
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In addition, it only takes seconds to pour this powder into our favorite drink, and we can enjoy a healthier body. Then, it can easily be absorbed into the body. As a result, we will feel fresh for the whole day. 

The taste is also good, so our drink will taste better. This supplement can support the function of our immune, boost our energy and brainpower, which will reduce the occasional stress.

The supplement is also rich in antioxidant properties. Also, this product is purely organic with fully fruiting body mushrooms.

After consumption, buyers have claimed their satisfaction with this product. Will you also become one of them and get a fresher body? 

Mushroom Revival Energy Cordyceps Tincture Review

We can also choose the Energy Cordyceps Tincture supplement that offers benefits just like the previously mentioned product. It is as easy as squeezing two or three drops, whether in our daily drink or directly into our mouth.

Mushroom Revival Energy Cordyceps Tincture Review
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In addition, it takes seconds to enjoy the whole day with full energy. It is also good for improving metabolic function. The function of this product can replace your addiction to coffee. Plus, it is free of caffeine and jitter.

Imagine that we usually drink coffee that is full of jitters. Drinking coffee is calming, but it may only last for several hours due to its high acid. It results in a craving for sweet snacks. 

However, it won’t happen when we drink Cordyceps. The ingredients of this tincture contain cordyceps mushroom, ginger rhizome, lemon peel oil, guarana seed, organic cane low-content alcohol, and pure mushroom fruit bodies.  

Containing a pure functional mushroom, it delivers a fast and healthy jolt of energy that lasts for the whole day. No jitter or crash included.

Furthermore, it only takes a few drops to enjoy the abundant energy that we get from the Cordyceps supports on ATP, the body molecule which brings energy within cells. 

The main function of Cordyceps is also to support the intake of oxygen and the capacity of the lung. Definitely, this supplement is perfect for athletes or anyone who requires strong endurance and physical stamina

Mushroom Revival Focus Lion's Mane Capsules Review

By taking two capsules of the Focus Lion’s Mane Capsules to start the day, we can easily concentrate and stay focused for a longer time within a day. In addition, it is the first organic mushroom capsule that is USDA certified.

Mushroom Revival Focus Lion's Mane Capsules Review
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Unlocking the super brain power is easy with the powerful functional mushrooms within each capsule. This product is also good for the nervous system, cognitive function, and also mental clarity.

Moreover, the capsules are vegan and kosher-friendly, perfect for vegetarians and dieters. So whenever you need a booster to avoid brain fumes, look no further than this product to accompany your day! 

Mushroom Revival Pricing

We know that price is important knowledge before placing an order. It is undeniable because the product is not free.

First, you must know that this company offers 3 purchase options for each size: 1-pack, 2-pack, and 3-pack. Then, here is the price for the abovementioned supplements: 

  1-pack 2-pack 3-pack
Daily 10 Blend Powder $34.95 $66.45 $94.37
Energy Cordyceps Tincture $34.95 $66.45 $94.37
Focus Lion’s Mane Capsules $34.95 $66.45 $94.37

In short, the more you buy, the higher discount you may get. Thus, are you ready to get the deals after reading the Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and Daily 10 reviews above? 

Mushroom Revival Pros & Cons

To shorten the reading, this article provides a comparison of the good and bad sides of Mushroom Revival. So, take a closer look! 


  • The first company ever in the world to launch a USDA-certified organic supplement.
  • No chemical substance included
  • Pure mushroom fruit bodies that don’t contain mycelium on grain
  • 100% money-back guarantee for all products
  • Natural ingredients for a daily booster that any human body needs.
  • The manufacturer has sister farms to ensure continuous, stable production


  • Shipping orders are limited to certain countries.

Mushroom Revival Customer Reviews

A good act to understand a company is by learning the testimonials. Why? Because it allows you to see the customer’s reaction after buying the products thoroughly. 

Mushroom Revival Customer Reviews
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However, you do not have to check it on Reddit because this section will discuss the rates and testimonials. So here are the ratings of the abovementioned supplements:

Meanwhile, this utterance comes from a customer:

Me and my wife take the Daily 10 blend. After 2 week, you start noticing significant difference in the energy level and mood improvement. Definitely recommended! 

This customer and his wife consume the product and see results after 2 weeks. Moreover, there is a difference in their energy and mood. Thus, he recommends it to anyone! 

Also, another customer said:

The tincture blows my expectation away! I drink it everyday, and I recommend and I want to tell my friends about it. If you have not try it, you’re missing out great thing!

This customer consumes tincture every day and falls in love with the result. She can’t stop recommending it to anyone. Furthermore, she ensures everyone tries it because of the excellent effect.

Thus, the conclusion is Mushroom Revival offers the best products with the best impact on all customers. Not only is the function helpful for their lives but also the results come after short consumption. 

Is Mushroom Revival Worth It?

Well, Mushroom Revival is the most worth-buying supplement you can afford. It is USDA-approved with purely organic ingredients. In addition, the founders always educate about the consumption direction.

Is Mushroom Revival Worth It?
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You will only get significant results from consuming it regularly. Then, what are you waiting for? Let’s pile up your cart and get the available offer now! 

Where to Buy Mushroom Revival

How fortunate you are because the products are available on the official website and a marketplace like Amazon. You may buy it from those two.

But it is more recommended to buy it from the official site because you may receive free shipping when your cart is more than $100. 

Also, the site offers more discount codes, such as a 30% saving for the first-time buyer who subscribes to it. So, check the stock availability and buy now! 

How to Contact Mushroom Revival

Do you want to get in touch with customer service and ask about the Revive Your Health Gummies? Then, please reach out on these methods:

The team may require 24 hours to respond to your message. Currently, it does not provide a phone number to call. However, you may also send a letter or visit the following headquarters to meet the founders face-to-face. 

Mushroom Revival Headquarters
301 West Ave, 5501,
Austin, Texas 78701


We don’t have to struggle anymore to stay energized and focused for the whole day. Mushroom Revival products, whether they are in the form of capsules, tinctures, or powder, are all the best daily boosters.

They are purely organic and contain no chemical substance. Therefore, we can rest assured that we consume safe supplements for the sake of our overall health.

Then, are you ready to consume it regularly? Let’s purchase the supplement first so you won’t regret not having it in your life! 

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