Mixhers Supplements Review

Mixhers is a brand dedicated to helping women feel their best period ever all month long. The brand offers natural supplements in powder with various flavors to mix into any drink. 

Mixhers Supplements Review
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Jess Toolson, the founder & CEO, started the brand when she experienced severe symptoms of pain in her period after giving birth to her twins. She hoped to find a better solution to mask those symptoms instead of using ibuprofen. 

After roughly two years of researching, testing, and creating formulas, the brand released its first product, “Hertime,” to normalize the cramps in the tummy. And it’s a big hit among the ladies. 

With 122k+ followers on Instagram and 4.3k+ followers on Facebook, the brand successfully gained great enthusiasm. So it’s no surprise that the hashtags #mixhers and #hersmoothie have been popularly used for over 1k posts on social media. 

Even better, as featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, and New York Post, it’s being recognized by several reputable sites as the best recommendation. 

As seen of all these recognitions, Is this supplement truly beneficial? To answer your curiosity, we’ve everything you need in our Mixhers Review. Here you can learn more about the brand’s history, how it works, its benefits, and many things.

Without any further ado, let’s get started!

Why Mixhers?

This is your monthly lifesaver! At Mixhers, you’ll find the best buddy to embrace on your health journey. And it’s good news for all women. The brand also offers some great deals to keep your shopping more enjoyable. 

Take a look at the following reasons why you should shop at this brand: 

  • Free shipping on all purchases
  • 30-day easy return and exchange policy 
  • Ready in the bundles 
  • Provides many sales and subscription discounts 
  • Helpful customer support
  • Offers wholesale for retailers

What's On Mixhers

Currently, this brand offers supplements for pain-free periods and a wide selection of health supplements designed to meet women’s needs. We’ve listed below the available products you can choose from:

This Mixhers review will only take a closer look at three best-selling products that can be your guide for your first purchase and determine which products are suitable for you.

Mixhers Hertime Review

As the flagship product, Hertime is specially made to solve your PMS (Premenstrual syndrome) problem. Yup, it is good to control hormonal balance, ease bloating, relieve period cramps, and level up your mood swings. 

Mixhers Hertime Review
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mixhers.com https://mixhers.com

This nutritional supplement is available in two flavor categories: Tropical (Pom mango, peach passion, coconut lime, and mix flavors) and Lemonade (Strawberry lemonade, raspberry refresher, juicy peach, and mix flavors).

Le’s get your normal menstrual cycle back with Hertime! Choose your packs: $30.00 (15 pcs) or $60.00 (30 pcs).

Active Ingredients:

  • White Peony Root
  • Siberian Ginseng
  • Chinese Licorice
  • Dong Quai
  • Giant Kelp Leaf

Mixhers Herlove Review

Based on the fact that almost 33% of women experience low sex drive. This leads to a lack of intimacy with your partner. Thus, Herlove is meant to support your best sex life ever.

Mixhers Herlove Review
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mixhers.com https://mixhers.com

By consuming this supplement, you’ll feel more high satisfaction, relieve tension, and increase your sensitivity. It’s available in 4 different flavors: apple, passionfruit, huckleberry, and mix flavors. And it tastes amazing. 

Get your intimate nutrition now for a one-time purchase at $32.00 (15 pcs) or $64.00 (30 pcs). 

Active Ingredients:

  • RedNite Beet Root
  • Maca
  • Inositol
  • Fenugreek
  • Pomegranate

Mixhers Hergreens Review

Looking for daily green nutrition? Hergreens is your game-changer. It’s an alternative to nourishing your body with minerals and vitamins from vegetables

Mixhers Hergreens Review
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mixhers.com https://mixhers.com

This supplement is great for someone who doesn’t eat veggies. However, consuming it regularly can help detox your body, replenish nutrients and balanced nutrition, support healthy kidney function, and even promote gut health. 

Available in several flavors: pink grapefruit, green apple, mango, mint limeade, apples & pomegranate. Purchase your green now starting from $24.00 for 15 pcs. 

Active Ingredients:

  • Spirulina
  • Wheat, Oat, & Barley Grass
  • Chlorella
  • Parsley
  • Cruciferous Vegetables

What Does Mixhers Do?

Mixhers is a dietary supplement in powder form packaged in pretty little sticks. Depending on your needs, one pack contains 15 to 30 pcs of sticks for daily consumption. 

Each ingredient is plant-based, meaning everything comes from nature to deliver the right formula for your health. As its claims, this supplement is digested more effectively into the body. 

Mix with 8-12 oz of water and ready to drink! Enjoy your day vibrantly, and stay active in your daily routines. 

Mixhers Price

You won’t believe that these supplements drink surprisingly affordable to buy. The price starts from $24.00 for a pack of 15 and goes under $70.00 for a 30-piece pack. Or you can go with the bundles for $118.00. 

It would be better to choose a monthly purchase to save 10% on each product. Then, all you have to do is join the subscription, and you’ll also receive free samples if stocks are available. 

What’s else? If you want more extra savings, redeem the discount code on the website and use it during checkout. It’s more than fun, right?

Mixhers Pros & Cons

Before deciding to purchase an item, you must understand the benefits and drawbacks of the brand you’re looking for. For that reason, this Mixhers review will help you to compare each element as follows:

Mixhers Pros 

  • Relief of pain and discomfort with hormonal changes
  • Made with 100% natural ingredients 
  • Created by women and made for women with integrity
  • Easy to mix powder
  • It is suitable for women of all ages
  • Great to use during pregnancy, but you need to ask the doctor first 
  • It comes with convenient stick packs
  • It offers many delicious flavors 

Mixhers Cons 

  • Only provide shipping within the United States and Canada 
  • Some women prefer gummy or capsule supplements instead of powdered drink

Is Mixhers Worth To Buy?

There’s no hesitation to claim that the brand is totally worth buying in every purchase. Thanks to its 100% natural ingredients with no artificial flavorings, sugar, or gluten. 

What’s more, all supplements are safe to use for all women. Different flavor variants can be chosen according to your current condition. Even the price is budget-friendly for everyone. 

How To Contact Mixhers

Mixhers is happy to hear the feedback from you. Whatever you want to ask about the brand or product, you can always get in touch with the customer support team in these easy ways:

Oh, you can also stay connected with them through the following social media:

  • Facebook: facebook.com/mixherssupplements
  • Instagram: instagram.com/mixhers
  • Pinterest: pinterest.com/mixhers

Where To Buy Mixhers

Have you decided which supplement you want? If so, purchase these drink mix supplements through its official website to cover the guarantee of the products and receive big deals. Or you can drop your purchase on a marketplace like Amazon. There you can also find the original products. 


When searching for Mixhers reviews, some customers ask the following questions. Over here, we’ve collected the answers you want for a satisfying shopping experience. 

Is Mixhers FDA approved?

As we found on the website, their diety supplements have been manufactured in FDA registered facility. In addition, the brand has already received GMP certification. By all means, it’s perfectly safe to consume for all ages. 

How Long Does It Take Mixhers To Work?

Each supplement has different cycle results. Therefore, you might see the result differently within 7-10 days of being consistent with your intake. 

How Often Do You Take Mixhers?

It depends on what supplement you take. For example, you should consume Hertime daily if you have an irregular cycle or hormonal imbalance before your period and next month. Then, you’ll see the results. 

Does Mixhers Help With Weight Loss?

Absolutely, yes! This dietary supplement uses myo-inositol and amino acids which is good for boosting the metabolism in your body. It means this formula is perfect for those of you who are looking to lose weight healthily. 


As women, we experience hormonal changes during monthly cycles. That’s pretty unpleasant, so we deserve to get the most effective solution to make that day healthier and more relaxing. 

Now, you can take health supplements from Mixhers containing natural ingredients without any active substances that are harmful to the body. It’s not only good for nutritional support during menstruation. It’s all about feeling more energized throughout the day. 

Thanks for reading. Have a nice day, dears!

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